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nexium avatar 1:12 AM on 04.07.2008  (server time)
R.I.P. Dogstructoid the Weinertoid

Buster, my first dog died yesterday. I'm 18 and in college now and have got him when I was
in 5th grade. So he wasn't particularly old and still had alot of life in him. He ate some old
dates that fell off a palm tree we had in our backyard and they ate away at his insides. He got
along with everyone and people were always happy to come over and see him. So many little
things remind me of him, like when I drop a piece of food and he's not there to pick it up. Or
when someone picks up his old collar and his tags jingle. I regret not being able to be with
him while he was dying and not seeing him for a week because I was house sitting for a

Many of you will remember him from the picture he took with CaptainBlue for the Velocity
Micro contest. I wish I had more pictures to post that were on this computer.

Good Bye Buster

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