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nexium avatar 6:06 PM on 11.27.2007  (server time)
Desert Bus for Hope

Some of you may have heard of the Penn and Teller video game that was unreleased for the Sega CD, [url='s_Smoke_and_Mirrors#Mofo_the_Psychic_Gorilla]Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors[/url]. The game wasn't truly a game it was more of a way to do magic tricks on your friends. I think it was a neat idea that could have seen some moderate success.

One of the most famous part of the game was a bus driving simulation called Desert Bus. The player had to drive from Tuscon Arizona to Las Vegas Nevada in real time. The trip take eight hours to complete with no scenery changes. Once the player arrives in Las Vegas you earn one point and can make the return trip to earn more points. The worst part was the bus veered to the right so it was impossible to tape down a button to win.

Heres a video

Now some crafty gamers from are raising money for Child's Play by playing a marathon session of the game and taking donations along the way. At the time of this post they are almost 4 days into their journey and have crashed the bus 4 times. They have raised nearly $17K and hope to raise $20,000. Penn Jilette himself has donated $500 dollars. The more money they earn the longer they have to play the game.

If you would like to donate to their cause, or just laugh at how long they have been playing the game visit where you can see live video feeds and chat with the drivers.

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