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neveranything avatar 4:17 PM on 11.09.2009  (server time)
Modern Warfare 2: Yet another view on the terrorist controversy

Read enough about the MW2 airport attack video yet? Well tough, I'm going to put my 2 cents in. Since I first saw the video I've been trying to wrap my head around why Infinity Ward would go so far to who the horrors of a terrorist attack on civilians. This is something we see, hear, and read about constantly in the news, especially in regards to the Middle East. Terrorism is quickly joining the ranks of murder, fire, car accidents, and robberies on the nightly news. We all know one of them is going to come up before the first commercial break, and none are very shocking to hear about, unless it's in our own backyard, or it happens to somebody we know.

And that's when it hit me, I'm starting to become as desensitized to terrorism as I am to fires, and robberies, and murders, and for the same reason, because it doesn't involve or relate to me directly. When I read about a terrorist attack on the web, see it on the news, or hear about it on the radio, I only get a muted feeling of loss, remorse, and outrage. The pain and sadness get buffered by a wall created by the distance between me and the people being attacked. I started to see terrorist attacks as "another terrorist attack". I'd wager that a good portion of Americans, and also the world as a whole, are starting to feel the same way.

When I first read about the terrorist attack in MW2, saw the video clips, and found out that I as a player was going to be forced play through it, I was taken aback. IW made it feel as real and believable as possible. The way the scene played out left me shocked as I saw unarmed, helpless civilians getting shot down by men who showed no remorse for their actions. The fact that I had to either participate in the killing, or stand idle by and not fight against the terrorist left me wondering why anyone would include something like this in a game. Then it made me think how the victims of real life terrorism felt, how they went through the same horrific moments, praying that they would make it out alive, praying that it would just end and the bad guys would just go away.

Activision said the segment was included to "evoke the real life atrocities of terrorism", but I'm starting to think it might have been included for something a bit more than that. I'm starting to think IW may have put it in to remind an increasingly desensitized world how barbaric and horrifying terrorism is, and to possibly try to keep reports on terrorist attacks from falling into the same category as the rest of the nightly news fodder. Maybe IW is trying to make us a bit more sensitized to the violence that is constantly building around us.

Here's hoping that message gets across.

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