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5:44 PM on 08.23.2009

Policenauts English Translation Patch is Out!

Any gamer that is familiar with Kojima's title: Snatcher will be very interested as Junker HQ released the translation patch out for the game Policenauts in English. or Junker HQ had started this project a while ago in 2002 since that the game had never been released in the US, and was only imported from Japan. This game is very much like it's predecessor Snatcher, a story based adventure game which allowed the player to navigate through the entire game by text based commands.
The link above contains the english patch for download.
Xdelta UI is needed to patch the files onto the game.
Well I'm going to play this game.   read

10:09 AM on 04.05.2009

Arcade Sticks: A Starving College Stoodent

Hey folks, my name is Ben and I am currently a college student in NY. I live in NYC and I manage a storefront retailing in video games. I've been running the store, along with my boss, and long time friend for 7 years now. Our store is called GamePAD inc, located in Brooklyn for you toiders out there. We've got MvC2, A neo geo arcade for you KOF'ers out there.

To get to the point, I have been very active in the arcade scene for 10+ years now. I'm currently 21 years old, and I have seen alot of action on capcom fighting games. We have a couple of very good players in MvC due to many years of playing and practicing on the game.

Anyways I have interested in designing my own arcade controllers and I have seen the work around here. After researching numerous sources and experience in the arcade industry., I've decided to create my joysticks in Lexan I've managed to design a polycarbonate arcade case that will be durable and well stylish.

I've decided to start a business in making joysticks to pay off my debts from college(go figure) and also enjoy what I do.


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