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neshill's blog

7:09 PM on 09.17.2007

The infamous embargo

Hmm. This is going to be a short one, I promise. The two of my favorite movies, Matrix and Gladiator respectively, I saw without knowing a damn thing about them. I think the lack of hype and general astonishment with the stor...   read

9:57 AM on 09.05.2007

The rumor mongering of Apple inc.

I know people from the industry follow me. No I'm not a paranoid person. Well most of the time I'm not. But they are listening to me. They are. All the things I say, and all the "Oh I'd so wish for product X to appear with Y ...   read

5:00 PM on 09.01.2007

The value of demo versions

My father has a saying, and he spent a nice amount of time chiseling it into my mindset. It's actually a Jewish saying, and goes something like "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things.". Now while this may sound just silly w...   read

6:25 AM on 08.23.2007

Microsoft's agenda

My room walls keep swelling up in the past year. You see, my brother is somewhat of a film buff, and he likes his DVDs and other format movies. After buying hundreds of them, the shelf space (though extended on multiple oc...   read

4:32 PM on 08.22.2007

Good thing I wasn't drunk...

...because God told me to write a blog. So. Here it starts, I guess.   read

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