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nerdunemployed avatar 1:10 PM on 04.28.2013  (server time)
Nerd Unemployed Podcast: How to get into the industry

Hello Dtoid,

So by now the layoffs at Square Enix has been filed under the more unfortunate history of the Video Game Industry. So too are my few moments that have been captured on the internet, even here on Destructoid:

Mindjack (Yeah that game)

Sleeping Dogs

and a small cameo in E3 2011 in 30 Minutes

But my bad acting, tired appearance, and pretty good gameplay aside, while at Square there was one questions I was asked repeatedly:

Why don't you remake Final Fantasy VII?

But to be honest even while at Square Enix, I can only say that this was not a decision that was up to me. There was another question that I got frequently:

When is Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out?

Answer: I don't know, but there is another question I can answer:

How do I get a job in the industry?

Which is why I have decided to start a Podcast, but instead of another hour long talk-fest gushing or bashing the latest game I wanted to provide an answer to that important question. No not that one, or that one, the third one. So here is what I have set out to create.

Nerd Unemployed is a weekly podcast that aims to inspire and inform from words of experience. Each guest, a member of a different part of a "Nerd" industry provides their own story and gives advice and cautionary anecdotes about their work.

My time in the industry has given me the opportunity to meet a great number of personalities throughout the video/comics/ and film industries. So what I considered what better way to answer the question is by having great guests answer it better than I could.

I have two episodes already live, one speaking about Video Game Journalism and the second about Production. So even though this blog post is a bit of a shill I wanted to spread the word to the Destructoid Community about this endeavor.

So without further ado please listen, subscribe, like and follow Nerd Unemployed:

The podcast is available on itunes

Nerd Unemployed Site



I have plans to make this podcast a resource for anyone who wants to get ino the Industry, whatever industry that may be so please don't hesitate to ask questions, or leave feedback. Thank you for your time and I hope you like the show.

-Johnny Fournier The Nerd Unemployed
(No longer the current leader on the Sleeping Dogs Social Hub)

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