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nerdunemployed avatar 12:15 PM on 07.06.2013  (server time)
Nerd Unemployed Podcast Ep.11 - James Swallow

About the show:The entire idea is to inspire and inform from words of experience. Each guest, a member of a different part of a "Nerd" industry provides their own story and gives advice and cautionary anecdotes about their work.

This week on Nerd Unemployed we talk up the life and work of the New York Times bestselling Author James Swallow. Our conversation takes from his work on Novel and UK Radio work to video game writing. James lives and works in London continuing his life long passion in writing. For anyone who wants to be a writer this is a great listen, James gives amazing advice and anecdotes about a his career in writing.

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James Stuff:

Twitter: @jmswallow (
Blogspot: RED FLAG (

Things you can buy!
[url= Swallow]Amazon[/url]

Some Video Games:

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Next Week on Nerd Unemployed my guest is Anthony Burch! Favored son of Destructoid and Lead Writer of Borderlands 2! Subscribe to the show to get automatic updates for all new episodes.

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