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nekobun avatar 5:03 PM on 10.12.2011  (server time)
There Would've Been Brawl: Show Me 'Round Your Eggplantcage

For my third interview, I present a shorty featuring Tim Williams, who played one half of the most adorable team of sadists ever. When I initially contacted him, he described his time as Popo, the blue Ice Climber, by saying he, "had no lines and was basically a prop that scowled." Thankfully, he had a bit more to say than a scowl in regards to my questions. As has been the deal, I'm in bold, he isn't.

Did you offer yourself up as the line-free beating machine that Popo was cast as, or were you approached for the role in the first place?

The guy who was originally going to be Popo had a schedule conflict, so Matt called me up to see if I'd be interested in his short film about Nintendo characters. I think it was only going to be 3 episodes at that point!

Are you much of a gamer yourself? If so, what do you gravitate towards when you have time to play?

I'm the type of gamer who finds one game that I really like and play it to death. I've really enjoyed recent great games like Bastion and Starcraft 2, but TF2 is still my steady flame.

Was the bit in the final, huge street brawl where Nana drops Popo to take his hammer and face Marth's dual-wielding already determined, or did you and Diana (Tolin, who played Nana) have to rock-paper-scissors for who got to take the other one out?

Throughout the series there was talk about how to kill characters in the final brawl and what would be appropriate for them. The climbers are a crazed, synchronized duo that thrive on destroying others. However it all changed when Diana made a passionate proposal for how awesome it would be to kill me and everyone assumed it was a story pitch. That was before she got her morning coffee.

Anything happen behind the scenes that you feel is worth sharing?

Fun moments: Mario "scream whispering" his angry lines so not to alarm the neighbors in a residential alley at 4am. Watching an adorable Princess Peach in a hoodie negotiating with an impatient cabby to be in a film with japanese video game characters is something I wish we had recorded. Dancing at the gay club with various characters and mushrooms.

If you play Smash Bros much at all, or even just like to watch, do you have a particular favorite character and/or favorite stage?

Of course I love the ice climbers in Smash Bros. You can't go wrong with a pair of sadists on your team. I think my favorite stage is Smashville, mostly for it's simplicity.

Lastly, marry/fuck/kill: A pterodactyl, polar bear in shades, fluffy midget yeti?

Marry the polar bear in shades because I imagine this would someone I'd have fun with even in old age. Fuck the fluffy midget yeti because I hear midgets are loads of fun in the bedroom. Kill the pterodactyl because I have no interest in marrying or fucking a pterodactyl after seeing one too many pterodactyl porn videos.

I apologize now for a very likely delay, unless my inbox blows up tonight; it turns out that the lives of princesses, Gerudo, and a couple of others are pretty jam-packed, and I may not have the rest of these ready to go until the weekend. Hope you've enjoyed these thus far and can bear to wait.

Also, I owe a nod to Greg De Stefano, the photographer responsible for any of the sweet, black-background shots I've been using. You can find a bunch more of them on TWBB's Facebook, and as wallpapers, for the most part, on the official TWBB page, as they're awesome. He seems to have done a fair amount of work with nerds, actually, and I believe I noticed both Malon and Samus taking part in the sexy Disney princesses shoot on his site, if you're into that.

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