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nekobun avatar 7:48 PM on 07.23.2009  (server time)
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Casting Call

Word isn't exactly new that Tatsunoko Vs Capcom is getting a stateside release, but what
hasn't been heard yet is what new characters are filling out the roster, as per the five
promised for the US version. Given that one of that Tatsunoko characters got the axe due
to copyright issues, it goes to figure there will be two extra Capcom characters and three
extra Tatsunoko characters for the United States' playing pleasure.

Since no announcement has been made, speculation's still an open game as to who should
be in it, even though there's a good chance Capcom's already made their picks. Here're a
few suggestions I hope are being considered, from both sides of the conflict.

Keep in mind that this is not a news post, just wishful thinking. And I'm not sure why they
had to make my downscaled images all huge-like. Now I know.

TATSUNOKO, which you might actually recognize

Nurse Witch Komugi (Nurse Witch Komugi)

I think I'd rather see Komugi than SoulTaker join the lineup, because the Tatsunoko side
of things is almost entirely a sausage fest, and Capcom already has some cute, comic-
relief action going on with Roll, so this would add some balance to things, I think. I'm all
for some attacks involving a giant hypodermic needle.

Concerns:As mentioned, I could see SoulTaker getting the nod before her, since
that's the series from which she spun off.

Speedy Cerviche (Samurai Pizza Cats)

Admittedly, I am a bigger fan of Guido Anchovy, but main characters seem to have a
better chance at getting this gig, so I'll bite the bullet and nominate the leader of the
Pizza Cats. Obvious combat ability, short size could put him in the same poke tier as
Roll or even Servbot, and there is so much ridiculous crap from that show begging
to be used as super moves.

Concerns: The original series SPC was based on, Kyatto Ninden Teyandee,
was a great deal different than the direction the English dub took things, so there
might have to be more close work with Capcom's North American offices and
their contacts.

Sohryu Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Evangelion's firebrand Eva-02 pilot was born to kick as much ass as possible, while
making paedophiles the world over drool the entire time. I'm envisioning a scrapper
with shades of Street Fighter's Cammy, but with less aerial involved and more red
Eva foot coming from above to smash me into tiny bits.

Besides, didn't Capcom already steal the synchronized dance sequence she and
Shinji used to defeat those twin angels for a team-up attack in Rival Schools?

Concerns: NGE was co-produced by Tatsunoko and Gainax, so the latter
would have to give their nod. That, and several NGE games came out back in the
day, from three different companies, so I'm not sure where the rights stand on this

Speed Racer (Speed Racer)

Iconic, especially amongst Americans, this kid fought dudes with guns all the time
while unarmed. He's got a perfect stage entry ready to go given the Mach 5. He's
got plenty of tie-in options with the rest of the cast, who are just as recognizable.
I was hoping he was in the lineup when I first heard about this game's Japanese
release. Please, just give me him and Megaman Volnutt and you have the team I will
play forever, no variation, until I die.

Alternatively, give me Pops Racer, since he's known to have a wrestling
background. Or Racer X. Hell, give me Spritle and/or Chim Chim. I don't care. Fulfill
my need for Speed.

Concerns: I'm not sure how far Warner Bros.' rights extend in regards to the
Speed Racer franchise, whether it's just the film and related properties or if they
call the shots on the animated series as well.

CAPCOM, which are mostly in need of some love

Arthur (Ghouls & Ghosts series)

I haven't seen this dude in a game since Cannon Spike on the Dreamcast, when they
gave his armor wheels and put a gun in his lance, which were both completely
unnecessary and therefore awesome moves. As much as I wouldn't mind seeing
that incarnation of our man in boxers, the classic representation is good enough
for me.

I think he popped up in NamcoXCapcom, but who didn't? I'm not sure, as I still don't
speak enough Japanese to even begin trying to play through that.

Alternatively, I wouldn't mind seeing Firebrand, from the Gargoyle's Quest games,
or even Maximo. It's all the same universe.

Concerns: Are heart-dappled boxer shorts after his armor breaks away
enough to push things to an M rating?

Nathan "Rad" Spencer (Bionic Commando)

The time is ripe, even with the mediocre sales of the current-gen take on BC, for
some Rad Spencer action. Give me the classic look, or even the Reloaded version,
please. The bionic arm gives a whole host of options for ranged attacks and some
Spidey-esque aerials, nevermind that he also carries a gun, at least did back in the

Concerns: We might get the douchier-looking, green wifebeater version to tie
in more readily with things today. If Rad made the cut, I would hope they realized
referencing their poorly-selling, if okay, game might not be the best idea.

Frank West (Dead Rising)

He's covered wars! And fought who knows how many zombies! This man is a
survivor, and I would die to have someone with a more improvised-looking combat
style in one of these games. With a throw involving placing a Servbot mask on the
opponent's head, please.

Concerns: Might get the new kid from Dead Rising 2 instead, but then again,
we've only seen so much of him in action so far.


The image says it all, really.

Fine, fine, I'll elaborate. Unless you count Zangief's alternate costume in Street
Fighter IV, this man has not been playable* in anything this side of the Pacific
since Mighty Final Fight. You know, the NES re-envision of Final Fight. I'm serious.
This man took down the Mad Gear gang twice, ran Metro City with a meaty fist,
and managed to maintain a professional wrestling career all at the same time.

And dude, really. Piledriving a shark. It does not get better.

Concerns: Mike Haggar may actually be too amazing for this game, and
shatter it like he did the unreleased Capcom Fighting Legends.

* - Okay, he was in the arcade mode of Final Fight Streetwise, but who cares?

In closing, please, Capcom, let any of this happen.

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