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nekobun avatar 7:21 PM on 08.27.2012  (server time)
Donning the lobster shirt.

Nearly seven years ago, I went back to a job with a grocery store I'd worked at years before, out of a desire to escape a night job that was killing me and not really paying what few bills I had, and to help out a former supervisor who'd bumped up to manager of the department we'd both worked in, who was losing a couple of people to a new store opening in the district. I figured it'd hold me over for a bit while I got things together, did a stint in culinary school, and moved on to bigger and better things.

Just two days ago, I wrapped up the end of my two weeks' notice. I'd finally had enough, and no amount of benefits or fear of financial instability could keep me from cutting loose and leaping headfirst into the unknown. Granted, I'm still terrified, but it doesn't matter now.

It was just over a year prior that I'd discovered game streaming, thanks to Pico Mause and Jon Carnage's antics on Mash Tactics. It wasn't until around the time 2011 was segueing in to 2012 that I decided I wanted to take a crack at streaming myself, uniting one of my throwaway childhood dreams of television presentation (specifically, game show host, but close enough) with my already well-established love of gaming and a growing portfolio of commentary here on my cblog, hopefully in the form of something anyone would want to watch.

After a two months of six-day work weeks, missing scheduled shows, and digging quite the writing backlog, I realized I couldn't do both anymore. I want, perhaps even need, to become a part of this industry that's been such a prominent part of my upbringing and life, and I'm not going to be able to do that grinding my days away stacking bananas for 40+ hours a week. It's time. Accelerating the decision was the fact that one of my stream viewers hooked me up with a PAX Prime pass he couldn't use, and there was likely no way I was going to get off for Labor Day weekend just asking for it, especially after all the trouble I got in for heading up to PAX East.

So, between today and Wednesday, I need to finalize a flight, find a space in someone's room (which seems to be easy enough looking at the Penny Arcade forums), pick up a new phone to replace my broken one and a stack of business cards waiting for me, and schedule a taxi to the airport Thursday. This is too much of an opportunity to miss, and I'm going whole-hog.

As for what I want to do? I dunno. I like writing as it is, and would love to reach a point where I could freelance hard enough not to get a day job, or get picked up by an established publication. Getting my viewership up to where I can make my Twitch channel profitable is also an option, and even if that doesn't happen, I'll keep doing it anyway because I love it so. On top of eight or nine articles and a couple of feature pitches, I've two fan game ideas and a full-blown trilogy I want to throw together in RPG Maker, so it's not just the journalism side of things for which I'm shooting; I was already writing for a game that was cancelled before going to Kickstarter on account of another, very similar game already being farther along in development, so getting a gig there's an option, too. I've been jabbing my fingers in a lot of pies, and I like the taste of all of them.

All I know right now is that it's time to work my ass off as much as I've been trying to, now that I have the time. If nothing else, I'd better make a small name for myself before moving out to the San Francisco area later this fall, so as to have a better chance of landing something profitable once I'm there.

Here starts my second quest. Should be interesting.

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