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nekobun avatar 6:52 PM on 02.22.2012  (server time)
A sermon for your Ash Wednesday.

Today, we gather to honor the beginning of a forty-day quest, in which Professor Oak gave his finest pupil to the world so all the Pokémon may be caught, in all the regions across every land. Over the course of his journey to defeat the Johto region's Elite Four, our Lord and Pokémon Master, Ash Ketchum, would endure many trials.

Misty. Brock. Tracey. May. Max. Dawn. Iris. Cilan. All these disciples and more were graced by glorious companionship with Ash, aiding him on his adventures and spreading the word of he who would become the very best to all of the people across the land. Even legends cannot become as much alone, and through his understanding and compassion, Ash both recognized those whom he could teach, and those who could impart some wisdom of their own unto him.

For Ash gave his life for the sins of every Pokémon and every trainer, several times over, only to be revived again and again by the one true Pikachu. Today, we honor his innumerable sacrifices and persistent returns to our realm, as we pray in the offerings he gave us. Please, repeat after me, in the words of our Master:

This Poffin is my body, given for you. Raise your conditions in remembrance of me.

This Potion is my blood, shed for you. Heal your wounds in remembrance of me.

And so, today, recieve this mark upon your forehead, in the material synonymous with He Whose Cause Was To Train Them. Go forth and capture thine own Pokémon, and raise them and love them as if they were of your own flesh and blood. Keep in your heart such truth as present in he who was, is, and shalt always be Ketchum, and courage in his image shalt serve to pull you through any tribulation.

He was, is, and ever shall be the Very Best, like no one before or anyone yet to come. In the words of our Greatest Trainer,

Gotta Catch 'Em All.

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