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naveenwf's blog

12:46 PM on 06.06.2013

11 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Gunpoint

In no particular order. First and foremost, the game not only allows, but encourages creativity and experimentation. You can go about problems however which way you like, and after the first few levels, once all the basic m...   read

8:59 AM on 06.01.2013

Kentucky Route Zero Act II Thoughts

Kentucky Route Zero, for those of you that don’t know, is an allusive and weirdly magical 5-part episodic adventure game. Act II, in theme with the game’s tone, has been secretly released overnight, with no press release or o...   read

5:09 PM on 02.15.2013

Videogames are the Artform of the 21st Century

A moment ago I’d been enthralled by this place, fascinated by how different and fresh it was, hanging on every word of these people’s everyday lives. When I realized my next task was to ram a piece of metal into eight diffe...   read

1:58 PM on 02.12.2013

Response to Warren Spector: An artform requires diversity

Recently, Warren Spector gave a talk at DICE 2013 that was largely about his personal tastes in games and how it has changed as he has gotten older and how he has less time to do the kind of things he did when he was in his...   read

4:30 PM on 02.09.2013

The first hour of Antichamber is the best hour

“Antichamber is a psychological exploration puzzle game set within an Escher-like world. It’s a world where the rules don’t follow the same physical rules as other games would or our own world would.&rd...   read

10:04 AM on 12.11.2012

Impressions of Assassin's Creed III

[Minor spoilers, specifically the first paragraph after the third picture.] I recently finished playing Assassin's Creed III, so I thought I would write about my impressions of the game. Please note that this isn't a review ...   read

4:21 PM on 12.06.2012

2012: The Power of Adventure

[Major spoilers for all episodes of the Walking Dead] People always go on about the storytelling ability of adventure games, that they are loved so much for their capabilities to tell wonderful stories and present deep cha...   read

1:43 PM on 01.13.2012

What I Want in 2012: The Witness

Indie games don't often get heavy marketing. Word of mouth is usually the largest way for Indie games to garner financial success. A game like The Witness deserves and will most likely get such success. This is primarily beca...   read

11:14 AM on 12.09.2011

This is what happens when you piss off a Greybeard

So this is what happens when you piss off a Greybeard (in Skyrim). Also, I made this video and I can't embed it. Sorry. Why did Destructoid remove the ability to embed videos? Listen to how he says FUS ROH DAH. What he emphasises is strange.   read

1:11 PM on 12.07.2011

Xenophilia: Mother 3

For those of you that don't already know what Mother 3 is, it's a JRPG that was released for the GBA in 2006. It has only ever been released in Japan, but if it is ever released on the 3DS eShop, that'd be the day that I (fin...   read

3:47 PM on 11.29.2011

Tales from Skyrim: Entrance to The College of Winterhold

I learned about Winterhold College through a tweet from reverendanthony, saying "Winterhold College is like Hogwarts for adults, yaaaaay". Obviously, I was immediately intrigued. At the time, I spent most of my time in Whiter...   read

11:04 AM on 10.20.2011

Chocolate Destructoid Robot!

Sure, it's a generic robot, but the head looks a lot like the head of Mr. Destructoid.   read

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