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nanashi avatar 9:18 PM on 12.01.2013  (server time)
Top10~ A PSN to Vita Wishlist

Ok, so I'm a proud owner of a PSVita. It's a lovely little device and it makes me sad that well, you know. But we're not here for that! The following is a list of games that are already on the Playstation Network and would be good additions to the Vita's Digital Library. And it is in the format of a Top Ten because as Jim Sterling once said, that is how you game journalism. Let us Top Ten away.


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Games

Beat 'em up craziness? Killer chiptune soundtrack? On the Go!? I don't need to say much more do I now...

The Cave

I'll admit, this is an odd choice, maybe not even the best fit. But The Cave is a killer title and a great adventure. Even though when you get through all the characters you already know all that's going to happen, the thought of sitting on a train, commuting underground while playing this game is pretty enticing to me. Besides, for those gamers that are hardcore trophy hunters completing this game to 100% is a minimum of about 6 playthroughs plus extra if you mess up. So when else will you get all that done but on the go, you ambitious gamer you.

Joe Danger

Ha! Both JD 1 & 2 are coming to Vita in 2014. NEXT


This game, from way back in the distance past of twenty o' twelve is perfect for the Vita. This short puzzle solving title would be a great way to pass the time when you're out and about. In a way, this game is very similar to Knack now that I think about it and who wouldn't want Knack-but-on-the-go?

Megaman 9 & 10

Many a times have I thought to myself while out on an adventure, 'Gee, some MM9 or MM10 would hit the spot right about now'. Every time I had to be disappointed. I'm not a true Megaman adherent, but these games are some of the best platforming on the PSN right now. Anyway, they were both free for PS Plus members many months ago, surely Sony could pull some strings?

Bloodrayne: Betrayal

Oh man, while we're hooking up our old-school Megaman fix, why not throw in a killer throwback to Metroid and Castlevania? PSVita already has Guacamelee! So there is no scientist in the world that can explain to me why the Blood has not been Rayning on our shiny handlelds yet.

Fat Princess

I haven't spent enough time with this title, so how about a slice for the road? It's sorta RTS, it's sorta Adventure, it's a lot of Tower Defense and it somehow worked on consoles, even though that is generally forbidden. BRING IT TO VITA! Seriously, package it with the DLC, maybe add some more offline levels and shindigs to occupy our time. Vita owners will surely love this one as PSN users already have the original Fat Princess.


This would need a work around for the obvious always online feature. I'm sure it can be done, some kind of idea to make Journey work when not connected to the internet. But it's like the game coming to life: you running around out there in this crazy world of ours, ON A JOURNEY. Just wanna say, if there ever could be a Journey Vita ver. I would so take that bad boy to play at a Journey Concert.


If you know me, you know I love my 'hawk. Warhawk was one of my first PS3 games and when Starhawk was announced I fanboy'd all the way home. But the game didn't do well in sales, still if Sony can find a studio, scrap up Starhawk into a portable version of the original beautifully comic themed campaign, an offline and offline hoard mode multiplayer and perhaps other widgets, some sort of online stat comparing game, then they could potentially give new life to the franchise and bring us that much closer to a full fledged sequel one day. I dream.


Castle Crashers

Boom. It seems the list starts and ends with colorful beat 'em ups. This is perfect though, the game is just as fun with friends as it is solo so there's no hang up on having a constant internet connection going. This is just a great title, unfortunately I never have time to play it at home and so personally this would be great for me to play on the go.

But these are just my choices, what PSN titles would you like to see get ported or revamped onto the PS Vita Library? Say so in the comments below!


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