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nanashi avatar 1:11 AM on 04.06.2014  (server time)
Be on Radio Destructoid at PAX East, yes you!

Recently in the forums Aaron has given the OK for us dtoiders going to PAX East to record a live episode of Radio D. As you know, Radio Destructoid is a community podcast so this invitation is extended to ALL of the dtoid community. Basically, we NEED your help!

What we are looking for:

1) First and foremost, Hosts. None of the main crew is going so it's up to US to step up to the plate and fill in for them. 

Responsibilities: Hosts would have to meet together several times during the weekend and just record chunks of audio doing stuff. If we use last year's episode as a cheat sheet, we can talk before/after hours when the convention center is closed, waiting in lines works too, ie. the line before the show opens since we'll all be free at that moment anyway; at the Dtoid karaoke night outside the venue; and literally anywhere else where we can pull aside folks attending PAX for interviews.

A Host would have to be in at least a couple of the recordings. Wouldn't be much of a host otherwise.

Please be respectful. We're looking for fans of the show also, but if not, at least listen to the live episode of Radio Destructoid at PAX Prime OR MAGFest 12 as your training recording to prepare you for pestering folks. Pay attention to the Questions that are asked.

Just to reiterate, hosts don't have to spend all their time traveling the show together. The responsibility is not intrusive on your plans/schedule so don't worry. Ideally you would need to get a phone with a recording app, for example the Smart Voice Recorder on the Google Play store. This way when not with other hosts, you can still record something if you run into someone cool and want to interview them.

2) Next we need guest dtoiders to be interviewed. Sure you can't make it as a host? That's ok too, if you'll be at PAX you can still be interviewed for the podcast. It just has to be set up, meeting time/place, before hand.

Responsibilities: Please be on time, we all have a million things at PAX to see and experience so "12pm on Saturday" is 12:00pm noon Saturday on the dot. Make sure to check your phone so you don't miss a call from your interviewer. That's about it. Be prepared to answer questions, is another one..

3) Other/misc contributions. so you can STILL be a part of the recording in other ways. It's up to you to come up with interesting ways to contribute but you can, for example, ask a question, ask to be avatar adopted, ask for a shout out, send us virtual hugs and kisses, whatever you want to do.

This applies to dtoiders not going to PAX East also, so feel free to come up with a cool thing to pitch in. 


So that's it! Just shoot me a PM or comment below to apply for any of these fine positions. And best wishes to those attending the show. To close, here are some useful links for everything PAX East 2014/Dtoid. Feel free to comment also any suggestions you might have for me, this is my first time organizing something like that. Now LET'S PARTY


Post for Dtoid PAX East plans (
Disney Fantasia (
Official Google Group (!forum/dtoid-pax-east-2014)
Forum Thread for Planning/Discussion (


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