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Hello, I play video games and watch adult swim. Pretty much it, enjoy all the hard work that goes into puns on this blog... when I do decide to blog that is.

I also run a community Podcast found here!

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Well about a week ago a wonderful event where gamers get together called PAX East happened. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to it, it happened, everyone enjoyed themselves (yes, I've confirmed this!) and now it's time to be sad that it's over :(

The last one's so sad he just mopes around now listening to linkin bark

More to the point, every year I write a blog following up on all the things that happened at the show. I'll try not to forget anything but here goes:

Dtoid stuff: Met with Dustin to record a quick intro segment for Radio Destructoid, hung out with a few dtoiders, most of whom I didn't recognize/know except psy from last year and Jed from the staff at the old favorite spot Elephant and Castle, the annual community photo time where I got to meet with several familiars also Kyle for the first time, then skipped the next dinner night, gave out community awards on the showfloor with Holmes, Caitlin, Kyle and other cool people, which was nice because otherwise I wouldn't be doing anything all that cool on Sunday except wandering and then finally we wrapped up the Radio Destructoid recording for the live episode, and sad goodbyes. Oh and it's not entirely related to Dtoid anymore but I found and met Spencer and Betty. They were really, really nice and it was great to meet them. Also incredibly not what I excepted height-wise lol. Sadly Phil was not there with them!

Interesting games: Holy crap the only thing I'm sure as shit coming away from PAX this year is that the amount of games I need to check out/follow/buy is scary overwhelming. I'll do my best to jot them all down here: Don't Starve: Together, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Witcher III, Severed, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Axiom Verge, Titan Souls, Kwaan, The Masterplan, Mini Metro, Vagante, the new Steamworld game a little, CheckIn-KnockOutNo Time To ExplainGhost Control INC.Spoiler AlertSpeedRunnersLovely PlanetParty... Hard, all of the adult swim games games (TreverserOblitusWesterado Double BarreledRise & ShineGhost SongDuck GameRain World and Death's Gambit), Codename Steam, Bastion on PS4, Tearaway on PS4, Shovel Knight and YIIK. Obviously, it's mostly indie games, there are just so damn many of them. Honestly I was not expecting how many games were interesting for me this year. I would've also loved to check out The Behemoth's "Game Number 4" or whatever it's called. They're a favorite of mine, would like to see what else they got for us.

Other stuff: Some other cool stuff that happened to me was, for instance, I had my wrestling mask on me and got it signed by the Drink Box people, pretty cool of them and they seemed generally thrilled to do it too! I also got to check out Bit Brigade a second time and they did Metroid again but I liked it a lot more this time (at MAGfest it was a bummer for some reason). Sadly my favorite Chiptunes musician was there but he didn't perform at the convention center but a bar in the area and it was too late for me to go by the time I realized. Mega 64 was great as always, their panel and their booth. It's hard to remember the rest.

The Pictures: I made a thread calling for people that wanted to be adopted, a long standing Destructoid tradition and the vast majority of them made it with me in the form of a giant cardboard box, that at times I could hold like a shield. In the style of a picture blog, every picture, dtoid shield pics included, will all be uploaded to gallery and posted one by one following. The gallery has better quality if you want.


I'm so ready for this

And this

Special pic for Andy

A bunch of high end fans I think

The Calling of the Dew-des!

Sitting down to dinner with the Dtoid family

I only just found out this game is being made by the Advanced Wars guy, must get.

Bit Brigade !m!

Free Shrugs guy was pretty meh..

Coolest Enforcer cosplay to date!

This is a game called Party Hard it's about partying.... hard!

I was standing in front of this dumb Evolve display and trying to get a neat pic with the avatars, couldn't get it to come out well so I decided to edit it in myself, shut up it's the feeling that matters.


I also picked up some codes. I'm always happy to share with the Dtoid community, so if anyone wants I can give out a couple here and the rest will be given away on PStoid's next episode!

Photo Photo Photo

Writing on the left side isn't radical enough!


Join Dtoid favorites Cold William aka Bill and Mr Phil Ken Mike Martin and also dtoider Nanashi as they talk skateboarding, their experiences, favorite skateboarding related people and things, and share stories in this one-off podcast!

You can find our three podcast hosts here:





That's really all there is to say, go download the episode here!

That's right for a limited time only you, yes you Dear Dtoider can have your Avatar Adopted™ at the incredibly low low cost of FREE!!!! At a bedrock low price like that you'd have to be absolutely crazy not to let me take your Avatar with me to PAX East this weekend!


But Nanashi, every time I try to participate the instructons are always too complicated or I'm not selected.

Fear not, the way to take advantage of this deal can be summed up by 3 simple steps!!


1. Say so in the comments

2. Include a nicely high resolution image unless you want me to pick for you (generally based on your avatar)

3. Make sure to get it in within the next 24 hours or so to ensure I see it.


For example:

Hello my name is Nanashi, please adopt my avatar thank you :) <3

And that's it!
Your avatar is well on its way to a Boston video game convention in three easy instructions! I'll try to take as many with me but if I run out of space on my carboard box, we can see about having another dtoider take your avatar with them!

To get an idea of what to expect when you let me adopt your avy here is a blog I posted last year and also a picture of Hamza with Marche, Jim and AboveUp! Thanks guys :)

Allegedly, Sega is shifting away from developing games to focus its efforts entirely, or almost entirely, on the phone/mobile games market reports say. There are more recent findings suggesting that they aren't 100% out or that Sonic could still be on consoles, but let's face it this is likely the end of the road for Sonic and certainly Sega as we knew them.

They haven't had a really good game, or even a decent Sonic game in recent memory, they've been rereleasing several of their older games onto modern consoles and pc for years now - and doing a sloppy job at that too, where the hell is a Saturn Ultimate Collection? - and they've already caved by doing the mobile games schtick. This was just a matter of time, and no matter how many people say they feel confident that this isn't driving the last nail in the coffin, it is and might as well be as it would've happened eventually the way they were going.


What Sega meant to me

Despite growing up with Nintendo in the home, my fondest gaming memories are with Sega consoles. Genesis, Saturn and a bit of Dreamcast, sadly didn't get much exposure with that one. Sonic was, is and will always be better to me than Mario, the old games I mean. The music, level design and speed are all infinitely more interesting, I feel, however I'm not trying to shit on Mario just that when you're presented with a Rolls Royce that BMW gets forgotten quickly. Sonic 1, 2 and 3 are all perfect games and I can play them any time and enjoy the experience just the same. They're some of my favorite titles and even if Sega's Blue mascot changed for the worse, again in my opinion, there's just a wall that I set up between the good and the bad and I was always fine with that. Maybe Sega just couldn't stand to make a good Sonic game anymore, like they destroyed the franchise beyond redemption, that's fine but they had other great titles.

From there we have classics like Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and Daytona USA to name a few. All that hold a special place in games for me, because they were good games. Not to mention to this day Virtua Fighter is my favorite fighting game and the only one I'd consider to play again and again. Seriously the Virtua Fighter franchise has a lot of potential but a series of awful decisions destroyed Sega's reputation for even the core VF demographic of Japanese arcades where it had a legitimate scene and was strongest. All of that is down the shitter now. Hopes of a great sixth title that would undo all of the bad because you know the creator's generally wanted to make a great follow up game instead of just pumping out another broken rushed mess full of near immediate dlc/patches, (something practically unheard of in modern fighting games) gone in a flash. I traveled around the country for a brief period to hang with the awesome Virtua community, with a long established history and so much great potential to build upon. Such a shame seeing as it just hit its 20th anniversary.

And then even as far as 2006 Sega was still capable of being synonymous with good/decent titles. We saw that with Valkyria Chronicles, the Yakuza series, Resonance of Fate and then what happened? A suicidal decision of porting the sequel to the portable, exclusively, then doing nothing with the franchise till just, so recently where they rereleased the original game on steam. Poor support outside of Japan. I don't know, all of these games were great, so Sega is capable of putting good stuff out there, they just ruin it with awful business practices.


What's left

This is a really weird place. Seems like just yesterday one of the big two and then three and then four of consoles became just another game company. No offense to game companies just that's obviously a huge step down. And today, or in the near future, that game company is taking the next greatest downward step by becoming an all mobile focused company. At least it feels like this is the end because really where else can they step down to? Surely Sega isn't going to announce in another decade they're now just an indie studio. (Again no offense jeez)

Sega fans are pissed everywhere and they have every right to be. A collection of our favorite games and creators, plump with potential, are going to waste away all because of Sega. You'll never see that sequel or even remake you wanted. Nope that's done now. Hell I'm usually quick to complain about them but they seemed to be in the exact same situation not too long ago and yet even Capcom pulled out of it alright. They also let down fans countless times and ruined their own games with god-awful decisions but at least they did something right. I don't know what it is. Maybe they stole James Hetfield's ballsack and sacrificed it to get out of their rut. But they were able to. And so was Sega. Don't tell me you guys couldn't get out of this jam.

So that's it. The home of my favorite games of all time is going out not with a bang but with a whimper of fremium, in app microtransactions and generally, repetitive games that will annoy the crap out of old people on the bus.

Yes I know, this could totally be its own episode of that series I once did where I rant about things. But no I'll save that for a game that I can say a lot more about.

The Truth is, Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is a reminder. A reminder that video games are fun and sometimes they can mean a lot to people, but they are also business. Bizzy-NES. Getting busy with Ness. So from there we have what could've been a delightful, more appealing game-wise skin swap of No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! a game that I believe was on my blog before in one form or another. It could've been that, but it wasn't.

No Puzzles was a great game because it was free to play, had a sorta unique puzzle mechanic, and most importantly, payment was optional! Also that it was a vita game because we need more of those like thirsty people in the desert need water. Its pay mechanic worked like this: the game itself is hard in the way that you would need to be more cunning in your moves and develop some skill to do better. This is the core game and from there the most important thing you need to pay for is a thing of DLC to get rid of the time constraint. We're talking like $7 here. Long story short I committed because it was in my opinion that the developer made the game first and then made the pay mechanic. They wanted to make a good game, is the conclusion I come to from that fact.

Being that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Plump Heiress on the PS3, it's no surprise how excited I was to hear that Vita is getting a new FP game. Oh boy, I don't know whether I should change my pants now or when I get my hands on this game! Well hold off, it's a free to play game. So I didn't want to be that guy, you know the guy that groans immediately at the utterance of "free to" and "play" in the same sentence like the end product is immediately worthless? Yeah I thought fuck that guy, I'm not any less excited for Piece of Cake. The idea being that it would be a great experience nonetheless. Then I read that it's also a puzzle game. Huh, some screens look like No Puzzles, that game I loved oh this is gonna be the best you guys!

It was not. The game can be a slight amount of fun and it's probably best enjoyed in small bursts anyway. But they put way too many incentives for pay mechanics in that game. The game is hard because everything is designed to fuck with you so that that fat greedy cake eater can pop her head on the screen and say "Oh gee, so sorry that you got absolutely wrecked. Hmm, you know what would help with that? This item that magically is designed for just that situation. Only blah-ty blah. blah-ty blah available on the store!" Fuck you and your cake hole I ain't buying shit. So then when you go to replay, ah sorry man you went over how many tries you get for the next 10 minutes (1 per every 10 minutes) which is also something that you can buy away from the game. Funny how these games' paying mechanics are more complex than the games themselves.

Well I'm not buying and I'll tell you why. It's because trying for the thousandth time to beat a level and then getting utterly crushed because the opposing team has three times the number of characters as you with way more potent abilities gets absurd, especially considering at times you will make a move that "cascades" into about seventeen other moves you'll do well and then get to a point where the enemies are just too OP and they kill you anyway. So evidently it's not about skill OR luck. Which leaves one thing this game could be about.

So thanks, Piece of Cake, I am now officially "that guy". I've been burned by a Free to Play game and am immediately skeptical/dismissive of all other F2P games from here on out. You've done a wonderful thing. Instead of giving us a Fat Princess 2 or even something like Fistful of Cake for the Vita, you tried to fuck your consumer base.

Don't give money for this lazier version of No Puzzles Either! because they obviously weren't trying to make a good game first. Instead just download the slop and keep playing it on the free like I did.

yeah I went with a non-vocal version, intentionally


Wow, that was a bit of a stretch wasn't it? My other choice was "Nine Dtoiders that Came Into My Life" which may've been a cleverer title. Oh well. What's done is done. We know what we're all here to read.


Sadly I've not been around Dtoid for too long. I only started even lurking about two years ago, and only started cblogging about six months after and only joined the forums one year ago. But enough of my stats: In those two years I've read some fantastic work, had some stellar discussions, played games with some good people and made some solid relationships on Destructoid. I feel like I say the word community way too much when I talk about Destructoid, but really how can you not? It is undoubtedly the strongest and most unbreakable component of the site. Dtoiders come through for each other, know how to party and get shit done. Each of you should take a second to pat yourselves on the back. There, I just patted every dtoider that reads this on the back. Haha! Misshun Accomplisht!


But yeah, this month, the 9th year anniversary of Dtoid, all of us communitards are tasked with naming NINE DTOIDERS in the style of a top te- nine list. So far we've seen some really good ones from the likes of Shade, Luckrequired, El DangoGlowbearNic Rowen aka Wrench and even nine goodness spilled into the forums. The fun part is I don't think many people are even doing it "just to do it", because there's a badge or some other bull. This is honestly every Dtoider jotting down from the heart their fondest friends and memories of Destructoid. And that's just what we have so far. I can't wait to see what else is coming up, what great cblogs/forum posts come out of this and am fully confident we'll see some really creative responses to this. Seriously, you guys are all so damn creative it's wonderful. 


Anyway all of this lead up helped me hold off, to give me some more time to think; as fun and fulfilling of a task it is, naming Nine outstanding Dtoiders really isn't easy. And forgive me for cheating a bit.

So here are my "nine dtoiders" that came into my life and stand out in the long run, also here, take some more inspirational music with you, or if that isn't your fancy try this:




9) The Scholarly Gamer

Right off the bat we're starting with someone that needs to be higher on this list. But alas, there are only 9 people that can get picked. TSG is someone who I've not had too much interaction with but all of the interaction was god damn good. What little of it there was, I enjoyed chatting in the cblogs with this guy. I also put him on here because he does A LOT of good work for the community. For instance, there's Band of Bloggers. A thing you need to go participate in, spearheaded by this great man. Imo Scholarly is like the unofficial official community leader that Destructoid benefits so greatly just by having him here.

Dude, keep doing your thang, and I look forward to what more fun we could have. Maybe we should play a game sometime but for sure I'll be seeing you in those there Cblogs.


8) Retrofraction & Luckrequired

Here's another couple of cool cats from the cblogs deserving of spotlight. (See how I'm cheating already? IT BEGINS!) I really enjoy, again, hanging with you two in the Cblogs. Always two dudes I can depend on commenting on some cblog I write, even if it's totally awful, and breaking into a longer discussion about things. Both also excellent bloggers themselves. If you have a moment to take in some delightful writing on gaming, check out each of their blogs: [LR] [RF].

Both of you dudes, as well as Scholarly and everyone else on this list, are welcome any time in my home. You've proven yourselves to be chill and I'm glad to have met you guys.


7)  "that era" of Destructoid that hooked me when I first got here

Ok, now I'm going waaaaaay out there with "number 7". When I fondly look back to Destructoid when I came here first, there was a certain "era" and this has become foremost in my mind as to what got me hooked. Dtoid had some great personalities in its day, and I was fortunate enough that when I showed my eager mug to the site, the personalities were at the peak of quality. These are the dtoiders I consider, "my first era" or "that era I came in" and that have stuck with me since, fondly reminiscing:

-Jonathan Holmes
-Conrad Zimmerman
-Jim Sterling
-Max Scovile
-Tara Long
-Dale North
-Andy Dixon

More or less, that's all of them. Each one bringing something unique to the table that made this place great and made me want to stay. And many of them were part of some awesome show or whatever that particularly got me hooked. For example, Max and Tara on The Destructoid Show was primarily what was the "primer" for encouraging me to stay when I found it hard to assimilate into the FP, blogs and forums in the beginning. I always though "Ah I'll give it another shot, this show is good, the community must reflect that in some way" yeah it does :)

And in the time since I joined, I've actually gotten the opportunity to meet and hang out with many of these dtoiders. Some of us may not see eye to eye on all things today but fuck it, yesterday was grand and I still love all of you and thank you guys for getting me into this wonderful, dysfunctional family. Rave on you guys, Rave on you crazy dtoiders.



Yeah, I'm just gonna keep on cheating. Baby you know you still love me.

Oh yeah you know it. What's the next best thing to hanging out with people you love? Streaming with them/watching them stream. I stream, you stream, we all stream for ...screams! And in the past year or so I've gotten to hang out with great people from god knows how far away thanks to streaming. And we know some of you moved to Hitbox because Twitch is for heathenous sellouts since they got bought up and started fucking with their consumers. But hey, wherever you stream, you can still have a blast with a great game, a cold beverage and dtoiders. Here are the people that I've streamed for/have streamed for me in the past:

-Lion of Kanot-Pik-Uname
-marche100* special shouts to my SS!!! (secret santa)
-Luchaman Johnny Luchador
-Rick Foom
-Shadow, mastermind of the rebooted Streamtoid!

You all rock in my book and for much the same reason: you all make great streaming buddies. In addition to other special mentions: Lion, you're just great unless you change your name again then my bad memory will kick in and I'll immediately forget who you are and thus have to revoke to award! Firion, is the nicest dude on this list as far as I'm concerned and nicest streamer! Marche, best Secret Santa 2014 OpiumHerz, fantastic blogger, admin and overall community leader and member of the community! Vxxyman, one of my favorite people in the cblogs! #TubbyStrong Phil & Spencer, your Gentleman's Club streams made many sour days working shit jobs that much more tolerable with something great to come back home to! Same for Lucha! Foom, I didn't technically watch a whole lot of your streams but they were good and I still maintain that your too brief role on Radio Destructoid is heartbreaking. I'm still waiting for you to come back, you are probably one of the best podcast hosts I've ever heard and should go into radio fuck. And Shadow. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be on Streamtoid. It's really one of my favorite things on Destructoid.

Keep streaming baby


5) Aaron 'Mxy', Conor, and all the Radio D/Communitoid Crew

For those that don't know, I love Radio Destructoid. Like a lot. It's my favorite podcast to listen to. I love it for the community interaction, they generally love us guys! I love that I can be a guest on one of my favorite shows too. And not to mention. How cool is it, that two dudes with a strong podcast, would give a complete stranger the thumbs up to record a show on their behalf at PAX? MEGA FUCKING COOL THAT'S HOW COOL. Seriously. A year ago I brought up the question to Aaron and he's like "yeah dude, go for it". The fanboy in me shit every pair of pants I owned simultaneously, I couldn't believe that that was happening. Of course this made my PAX a whole lot better than it would have been. That was always the event that I wish I could break in better with the live dtoid party crew. They all seemed like such fun people and I was so damn shy and nervous. Well this was the best way to break in. Now with a phone recording audio app in hand and my lovely cohosts Dustin Thomas and Darren Nakamura I got to meet one by one all sorts of dtoiders. I got to chat a tiny bit with Hamza, Tony, Tino, Andy 'Powerglove', and honestly God knows who else. It was such a frenzy of meeting new dtoiders my fragile little, social anxiety mind couldn't possibly have handled it. It was wonderful. I got to interview Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman, TWICE. All of that, thanks to Radio Destructoid. I am eternally grateful to the show and its awesome hosts. I love all of you beautiful, drunk chatty people.



4) Wrenchfarm

Now known as Nic Rowen after being deservedly promoted to the FP as a Staffer, he will always be Wrenchy to me. A long time ago I tried to break into blogging, tried. It wasn't easy. I had maybe one or two hit blogs, don't even remember. In general though it was hard. I had a hard time, like many people will do breaking into the cblogs. We can't all be so fortunate to be loved from day one and that's ok. As a recapper, Wrench started posting my stuff on there. This is also where my love of the Recaps team came from!!! I have to admit, I was more encouraged to post blogs on a Wednesday just because this cool dude always provided me with really good feedback, ME a nobody at the time. That's respect man.

Eventually he helped give me some feedback on possibly getting a cblog series together. From there came my first and only regular one: "The Problem With..." jokingly based around how much I complain. And Wrench continued to give me support for this. Even topsaucing me quite a few times for this series. I am eternally grateful as this really became the glue that stuck me around in the cblogs, and helped me get better as a blogger (although I also would like to thank Retrofraction for his immensely popular and rightfully so blog that helps you do just that!) which snowballed into me even being a part of cblogs today. So this shoutout is for you mean, I love that you got promoted and really enjoyed the friendship that resulted from cblogging here on Destructoid.

You've really earned it man, thanks for your help and contributions to the community!


3) GajKnight

Here's somebody that fired onto the Destructoid scene shortly after I did and instead of taking his time shot up to become one of the coolest Dtoiders today. And so active, Gaj ought to be commended for that. Always someone that I can count on to leave me something fun in my blogs. I thoroughly enjoy your Genesis Retrospective blogs. As a guy that loves the Genesis but missed a ton of good games, I need you (though don't know if I deserve) to hook me up with the great games I missed.

I really enjoyed getting to know you over the year or so that I've been on Destructoid and thank you for all the support you've shown me, of which, again I don't believe I am entirely deserving. We must play something soon or I will be eternally sad. And also we must discuss chiptunes sometime.


2) Dustin Thomas

I've already led up to this, see "Dtoider" #5 where I tangent into PAX East.

Dustin was someone that I only just met at PAX East who I only knew one thing about as fact, the dude was just as motivated as myself to meet and get some recording done on behalf of Radio D. That's a good man in my book already. Little did I know, I would meet a fellow podcaster, rad cblogger and coolest friend... who stands about a foot freaking taller than me, and I'm already pretty tall!

It's an understatement to say that it was a blast to hang out and work with you from PAX East and since then, yeah absolutely we have become bros. I get the feeling that we've learned from each other's work since then too, both blogging and podcast wise and I look forward to what else we can learn from one another in the future. Thank you for letting me be on your show this week. It was a blast and best of luck with your projects, you've got me as a dedicated follower/subscriber/fan/supporter and most of all friend!

that's one cool beard

And for those interested, we will be doing the same deal again holding it down on behalf of Radio D at this year's PAX, two weeks from now. You can find out more about that here.

And oh yeah, BEARD VS. VEST 2014!! God that was so much fun.


So, that's, "eight" down so far.

Wow, this is one of my hottest and heaviest blogs yet.

And now some filler imagery so number #1 doesn't spoil it for themself.


1) Philkensebben

Oh yeah baby, I went for that obscure shit

Of all the dtoiders I've ever known, there was only one that exclusively stands out for me the longest. I mean the fucking longest. Even before I did cblogs for the site, even before I stuck my head like an ostrich into the basement that is the forums, even before I was a lurker. PKS was there.


He was there guys.

Seeing PKS commenting, blogging, having posts promoted to the FP, in the forums, etc, was the first thing on Destructoid that really connected with me. I know who Phil Ken Sebben is - do you? That's that reference that I GET. How cool, there is someone on this website that has basically devoted himself to being one of wackiest, most brutally alpha characters on arguably my favorite cartoon show. And it just so happens the things he posts are absolutely hilarious. 

PKS really nailed in that Dtoid humor, that raw fuck you with love mentality that's still here on Dtoid but was oh so intoxicating way back when. In many ways Phil was the primer even before the primer for me joining this site. I was so in love with the idea of "just pick a character and stick with it" that I decided to make my avatar a character from TTGL and stick with it through and through. Now I didn't become Kamina but still, that's influence none the less.

It is really impressive how resilient he's been in not breaking character around here. Although he eventually put the facade to rest by taking off the eye patch and taking up the sword of a Community Manager for Dtoid, the dude has created a legacy on dtoid. By far the most influential, balls out Dtoider I've ever known. And cool enough, I've had some opportunity to get to know him better and finally meet this fucker last night, as a guest on the FapCast. He was also my favorite guest (save for Foom who was more of a main host) on Radio Destructoid hands down. He really brought the filth to that hilarious episode and proved how much of a wild mofo he really is, living up to that legacy. I'm also going to be doing a one-off podcast with him and ChillyBilly very soon, called Skatetoid.

From the first time I saw "PhilKenSebben" all over Destructoid, to the early days when I would comment cryptic Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law references at you to now that we know one another better, you've left the longest impression on me out of Dtoid. Well done.

Hope you enjoyed the shoutout.



So that's about it though there are a bunch more shouts left; I know I'm not supposed to but screw the rules.


Anyone that commented on the short lived Adult Swim Chat Thread I started in the forums, thanks for giving me a chance to relive a fun idea from another place. Those wonderful people were: Urrday, Coopdegra, Char, Vxxy, ZP, PhilKenSebben, Old Lion, OpiumHerz, AboveUp, Scield, VagrantHige, Gatsby, Nihil, Tubby, King Chrono, King Sushi, StriderHoang, Zodiac Eclipse, Stevil, Steven Hansen, Firion, Brit Sticks, bbrigg, Occams, Corduroy Turtle, King Zelos, FlyByNight, Luna Sy, purpledrizzle, Molotov Cupcake, Kir and KyWii

The Wonderful, Amazing, Hard Working and Dedicated Cblog Team, from day one up until now, each and every one of the Cblog Recap team has equal parts helped me, impressed me and overall been a great big part of my dtoid life. RECAP 4EVA!!

FNF Buds, Clockwork-Zombie, Sushi, Defenestrator, Red Morgan, ChillyBilly, Kyle MacGregor!

And seriously everyone. Everyone that patted themselves at the start of this blog (all dtoiders) you make this list, every last one of you. If you are a dtoider, I approve.


Ok That's it go home..... Yeah no there is still one more thing left to say.

Thank you, special shoutout and love to the cohosts from my podcast. Seriously, all of you are wonderful. A long time ago an irl friend and me had some good banter going on campus. I really appreciated the shitflinging we had at each other's expense, even though he was way better at it. And I proposed the idea: let's make a podcast man we got some good dynamic going here. He declined. I respect the decision but do feel we could've been a good team for a show. Well nuts to him. The Friday Night Fights crew that I got heavily involved with gave me a devilish idea. We like to talk, and drink and cuss. Let's make a podcast together and so it was

Thank you djnealb, Neal.

Thank you, Cornflakejustice.

Thank you, Scield.

Thank you, Kim.

And yes, even you, with your giving me a hard time.
Thank you, Trev.

Thanks guys for basically making it all possible.

As well as our incredible supporters/listeners! 


Ok, now we're done for real this time. This took so damn long to write/proofread, I've gone through about 3 hours worth of music, at least, and, at this time, I am completely out of anything else to say. Have this funny.

a dtoidier.