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Hello, I play video games and watch adult swim. Pretty much it, enjoy all the hard work that goes into puns on this blog... when I do decide to blog that is.

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AH, that was a fun week back on dtoid. I had a free week to just go nuts, in this time I dicked around in the forums, recorded and released a new episode of PStoid and even got around to reading a couple of blogs!

Well all good things must come to an end right? WRONG! I'm still going to vanish like a positive world outlook at a Hardy's during buy 1 get 1 free day. But I'm doing a giveaway because why not. That's right, you could win a shiny thing for yourself to cuddle and enjoy. Here's how:

It's no secret that I love indie games. And that I love music, so naturally, Indie game Soundtrack's are like catnip for me, provided that I'm a four legged whisker-having house cat. So leave a comment with your FAVORITE Indie Game OST and why it's better than all others and you will have an entry into the raffle. Feel free to include videos, images or other links. 

Here is an example - My favorite Indie Game OST is from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Which honestly isn't fair because the soundtrack is composed by one of my favorite chiptunes acts, Anamanaguchi.

It represents well the different emotions the story and characters, based on the comic of the same name, go through in addition to just being fucking awesome and a great listen all year round. You have songs like "Another Winter" that makes me wish it was Winter already (and I HATE winter) and "Party Stronger" which makes me wish I was at a rave (don't like those either). And a ton of other great tracks that defy category.

Above all else, I love the soundtrack because it reminds me of the game, and I love the game in part because of the awesome soundtrack. It's like the perfect duo of good music and good game. This was also probably one of the first indie games I played as well as being one of the first games that I went out and purchased the soundtrack.

Though to be fair, my favorite changes a lot, because there are really a lot of great Indie Game OSTs that are seriously a challenge to rank amongst them all. Some strong runners up, and legit picks that may as well have been #1, include: Terraria, for it's euphoric ambience, Hotline Miami for insanity electronica and Lone Survivor because it's the best blend of psychological Horror in a soundtrack I've ever heard.

Winner gets gifted a Steam game by me. I will PM him/or her with the instructions, GOOD LUCK!

So for weeks I've had a few blog ideas in my head and really wanted to get them typed up. Sadly I'm just still too busy to regularly post, as some of you already know. In this post, I've merged the two blog ideas into one single post. There isn't enough in either to merit a full blog post anyway. Also this is my first go at the new editing system, hope it goes well :)



Minecraft is In Need of Fish Eye


Minecraft has finally pick axed and dug its way into my life and it's gotten a firm grasp around me. Really it's gotten problematic but I love this game and love killing time in it. Even though there isn't a whole lot of "game" in it, imo where you basically have to make the game for yourself.

But this isn't about talking about Minecraft, I want to talk about some features in this game. Well into this games crust, a friend invited me to for some online cooperative play. Needless to say, he was much further than I was, knew way more tricks and had a ton more valuable stuff than I did. And this friend of mine introduced me to two features in this game: you can turn off the hand and the HUD so that all your view isn't obstructed. All this time I had been taking screenshots all wrong!

But yeah, I was screwing with this feature and trying to get some gnarly shots in the game world, but what dawned on me is that the default view is kind of weak. And it could be fixed by giving the option for a "fish eye" view. For those who do not know, the following is a camera with a fish eye lens.


And this is the difference that such a nifty attachment makes:

In short, it makes you see considerably more in the image than a standard lens does. And this also happens to make the picture look that much more amazing, though everything in it has this rather queasy curve look about it. Not a photographer myself, I still know that this equipment is expensive, IRL however for a video game we're only talking a matter of coding. You see it seems that Minecraft uses the default type of view. So how awesome would it be if we could get the option to see in a fish eye, and take even better pictures. Well very awesome actually!


Anyway, below are some examples of pictures I've taken in Minecraft and what they would look like with a fish eye -- sort of, I'm not an image editing whiz.








Of course, with recent news, I'm sure this won't even be a possibility. But then again it isn't that important, I didn't decide to write about this blog because Minecraft is in the news right now. Rather this was just an itch to get some thoughts jotted down.



How Fallout 4 Can Take the series' Immersion to the Next Level


I'm a big fan of Fallout, there isn't a doubt about that. Without going into too much history, I hated 3 from the moment I put it into my PS3, flung out the disk immediately and didn't play it till urged to give it another go out of curiosity, at which point I melted for that game. Then New Vegas was a no brainer for me -- side note: damnit I wish I got the collector's edition. And one of the big aspects of the game, new to me at the time, was the music.

I'm a mighty man!

Ah yes, that was not what I excepted to be introduced to, staring at that gritty artwork on the box. And I'm thankful that they've decided to go with this route for Fallout. It really did expand my horizons and make me way more open minded, as I'll tell you all about in a second. For a little background, the Fallout games take place in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world where instead of the Cold War being uneventful in the nuclear warfare department, the world is torn to hell with explosive radiation. Since the 1950's in this world, culture never really moved forward, which is why even though Global Nuclear War happens in 2077, the game is bleeding with 1950's American War era cultural references, music, attire, slang and other phenomenon. It's complicated, but you can read up on the backstory here.

So we get this game, that is essentially an RPG -- originals were from a top-down perspective and the new ones switched up the formula for FPS -- that is brutally violent and depressing (the formula for grit), with the music of our grandparents playing all the while. And this is why the soundtrack stood out to me as significant, it created a contrast between these two opposites. This was uncanny and an effect to die for.

Several sentences back I mentioned becoming more open minded. Well yeah, because I now have Nat King Cole in my music library, introduced to me by Fallout, I see that era of time as a cultural gold mine instead of just being something we're forced to learn in class boo. I now have a greater interest for that culture and that has led me to discover and become addicted to television from that time. Thankfully there is a channel for this purpose, called Antenna TV. It has the classics of television. Sitcoms, dramas, movies, etc. It's really great and I've been taking my time going through different shows one by one. Something that would've never happened otherwise.

Looks like some of the Vault-Tec billboards in Fallout, doesn't it? This is the Patty Duke Show

So I say, the next level of immersion is this: We already have 50's music in Fallout, how about 50's television? I hope Bethesda is reading this. It would be sick if they got the rights to some really old TV shows -- or made up their own like with what they did with Dean Martin -- to be made viewable and have appearances in the next installment of this franchise. To me, this would increase the immersion that devs and our journalists make so sought after.

Now I brainstormed this a little and the main counterpoint I could come up with is that there is no television in the Fallout world. Makes sense, how could there be space for TV in a post-apocalyptic fiction? However, that is simply not true and easily proven against. For starters, there are plenty of television sets throughout the franchise. There is also electricity, for example some local areas have power generators for personal use and some bigger colonies just have power for some reason, such as the Las Vegas strip. And of course, there are all the computer monitors that are practically all functional -- even the corrupt ones -- such as the terminals or the faces of the securitrons. However, the thing that irks me is I cannot think of a single television set working in the game. The only thing that comes to mind is the opening sequence of the original Fallout but nothing more recent than that.

And I will close out here: Picture this; you, the player, have just returned from a quest where you took out a gang of raiders. They tore your health bar in two. Your clothes are stained with gunpowder and blood. You take a seat at the bar and the commercial on the nearby television set catches your attention.

(skip to 0:50)

Then your vision gets all hazy because you've been taking down med-xs and psychos like a clown takes down ribbons

7:02 AM on 09.04.2014

Life happens and things come up all at once, draining the rest of your time so I will be around here and on the forums a whole lot less. Which is a shame because I've been pretty inactive in the cblogs lately.

I will on occasion stop by, post in the forums, maybe see a blog I don't know yet, whatever time I can afford will probably be spent doing some heavy relaxing. In general though, you know now that there will be two things that I definitely will be keeping up with, because they're more like responsibilities to me, at this point . Streamtoid and the podcast that I am a part of, PStoid. These things have become like routine for me and its easier for me to contribute this from my time too.

But before I say peace out, here's something that I hope will go over well. I've tried this before and it worked out fine so basically from now until when I get my time back, if there's any Cblog or whatever Dtoid related you wish I would have a look at, or just need 1 more person to like something. Post it here in the comments. I'm serious, have at it, bombard me with plugs I promise that whatever Dtoid stuff you want me to read, I'll be happy to read -- if I like you. This way you know I won't miss your awesome thing(s) and I'll be able to keep track and find all of it. I am also curious to see if this sort of thing can work on Dtoid. 

So yes, Have at it, in the comments please. You are all awesome, see you when I get active again.

PS Please check out the stream and podcast plugs I had made, and I will try to squeeze in a new post for my blog series. Here's hoping this is only a two week trail!

I would like to be avatar adopted for PAX Prime 2014, for which apparently there is only one day left! And in exchange for that, I think I need to do something. I never do this. This is quite embarrassing. The quality of the photo is awful - in no fault of the photographer. Also I might have to alter an upcoming interview now. But I digress, here it is Dtoid, Nanashi the dreadful cosplayer!


To whomever is interested, just let me know you are adopting my avatar so I can thank you and know who's twitter feed to be looking at over the weekend. Thanks in advance!

And I can't get a bigger version of my avatar, so this one will have to do.




My main problem is that whenever I get the urge to do a full review of a game on here, it never goes anywhere and I'm left with a bunch of jumbled words in a messy beta blog. Well it hit me that maybe all I really want to do is complain about the game?

Not as spry as I used to be, video games are getting more complaints from me than anything else. So here's the idea: Take a game that could probably be reviewed, don't review it, instead focus on what bothered me about it. It's shorter, it gets one main argument across and there's still room to be creative... and so forth.

But first, a little before-you-read!

This post is very special, as I'm sure you're well aware of by now. Today I'll be complaining about two games at once! It's a double dose of dread! Well I bet you're thinking, so a post for two games means surely this one will be twice as long, right? Nope. I actually quite like both games, roundabout so I decided two pick two since there's less to say about each. Enjoy this experiment in the series!

So here's the problem with...
Killzone: Shadowfall & Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

...The intrusive impulse to change the game from what it was to meet the demands of focus group fuckfests. Excuse the fbomb so soon but this really gets me mad. The two IPs chosen for this post had their aesthetic style entirely swapped out in favor of a more cookie cutter presentation. This just isn't the direction the franchise's needed to go.

Let us begin then with Killzone: Shadowfall, actually the lesser example both in how drastic and expected the changes were. Shadow basically Call of Duty'd the hell out of the art style (if you can even call that art) from the somewhat more comic-like art visuals of the first three Killzone games to what's "more appealing" or "realistic" and effectively makes it look like another fps game, successfully doing away with what made Killzone, Killzone.

What's worse is that after awhile I just accepted it, just like Guerrilla accepted that their vision can't hold up to the needs of Sony to sell a console -- because what else can sell a console but a realistic [looking] first person shooter? And I accepted that this is what Killzone has to look like to even exist anymore. I accepted it just like I accepted that Battlefield and Call of Duty won't ever be anythinf else and so my favorite fps becomes another bland shooter and the spark will gradually run out for me. Even the Helghast don't look threatening. Nowhere near how they could be intimidating in prior games.

The plot falls too much on "go in and do this alone" which is either bad because you know, there's a large scale war going on meanwhile, or bad because it's lazy. Sending Player off to kill the Helghast in hallways and space substations makes the war they're fighting feel less important and I become detached and lose interest in the plot. There is one point where you are in a Helghan prison colony that's basically turned into its own city. And things get kind of interesting, but that's a short part of the game.

But that's not so bad. At least there the change was inevitable. Don't get me wrong I hate it to death but don't think anyone didn't see it coming. Even Killzone 2 was awfully brown. On the other hand, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin had no reason to make everything so ugly. I don't know the history so please correct me if I'm wrong but no one asked for a gritty reboot of that IP. Why I ask, does a strategy game with a pumpin' soundtrack for the Nintendo DS need to smell like a Depeche Mode concert?

Ffirst off, it sucks the fun out of the game. IT'S WAR, ONLY BITE SIZED. WATCH THIS ANIMATION OF A CHIBI SOLDIER STOMPING A BUILDING! It was borderline cute and most certainly a cartoony depiction of warfare. IT WAS NOT SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. (It was shit however so it may have been Shaving Ryan's Privates) Instead of the clean and bright varied color palette we get brown, brownier, more brown and, the special, brown of the day! See comparison below:

Advance Wars 2

Days of Ruin

Further, the one reason that could justify COD'ing a portable kid's game is that the story calls for it. It's about the Wasteland. War is tearing the earth to shreds like the tree of life, Captain Planet be damned. Its an Apocalyptic gritty reboot of the beloved franchise! Don't you see Nanashi you fool? The bad guys are so Evil they've made world all bleak and we have to stop them! Well, that statement is accurate somewhat, this game is evil. Seriously though that kind of argument is ruined by the previous games. In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the preceding title, Black Hole sucks energy out of the fictional continents (and Goku's nowhere to be found!) and yet the game doesn't have to resort to looking brown and dark, the maps retain that lovely cartoonish style and cool colors even when green earth turns into desert.

And why did the developer feel it necessary to work so hard on the designs of the vehicles. They're over detailed and it comes off a bit tryhardy with its unnecessary depth. Once again we're stepping away from the cartoon-like origins. The original Advance Wars games weren't great because I could see the tire treads of a recon unit in high detail. They were great because they were fun. It's funny, even with these updates I still have a hard time telling some of the units apart, especially the naval units. Talk about stepping a rake, huh?

I have no idea what on that ship is for firing.

In closing, both these titles were tarnished by he developers insistence on moving towards the norm in terms of art style. Picking up these games was like like running into an old friend who underwent plastic surgery to make their face look like another friend of yours, and this friend then proceeds to act like the both of you don't notice what's happened here. However, folks we have a milestone in the history of Nanashi because I'm giving a DOUBLE RECOMMENDATION. Despite a disappointed me, neither Killzone: Shadowfall nor Advance Wars: Days of Ruin bad and would suggest giving them a chance because the sum of their parts make them greater than these grievances of mine.

But thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back for another installment sometime later where I am currently not entirely sure what I will be talking about!


It's official, Nanashi is almost off his rocker!
A Playstation focused podcast? On Destructoid? Oh boy, where can I sign up!

Yeah I'm a bit of a podcast fan and -- for personal reasons as well as just plain old interest -- want to host a podcast of my own. So here it is, there's not much left to say except that if you're interested in joining as a host contact me.

So this blog will be rather short today. Sorry if anyone was expecting a Killzone: Shadowfall rant, which is in the cauldron worry not. By the way, that blog series has been awfully Playstation focused lately and on a whole. That's going to change after the next review when I take a step back and start picking apart games of other platforms. I'd like to keep it more open.

But the podcast will be all Playstation, excluding of course tangential stuff.

Here's the link for the post on the forums.