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Hello, I play video games and watch adult swim. Pretty much it, enjoy all the hard work that goes into puns on this blog... when I do decide to blog that is.

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So PAX East is behind us, and before the pcd really kicks in I will make postings about it.

PAX was incredible, and because of all the extra activities for me this year, it managed to top every year before. The Destructoid community was phenomenal both at and away from the show. We partied hard, and I even got to record a podcast!

Anyway, I tried out a bunch of games: Hotline Miami 2, Pixel Noir, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, and several more that I cannot remember right now. But this year the real PAX was just interacting with all these great people. And it sounds alien to me, but PAX wasn't about games so much to me this year and I loved it just the same.

Oh and I'm including a gallery of photos with the avatar's I adopted. I tried to do as much as I can. Hope it makes y'all happy.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who partied with me at PAX and thanks to Aaron for letting me be a part of Radio Destructoid this weekend. It was a ton of fun recording! Thanks also to the people who supported said podcast, at the show and from home, especially TheDustinThomas and Darren Nakamura, for essentially taking time out of their busy PAX schedules to sit down for a chat, multiple times throughout the event.

Lastly, lastly, I have a steam key for a copy of Awesomenauts, first come first serve! ^^
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Recently in the forums Aaron has given the OK for us dtoiders going to PAX East to record a live episode of Radio D. As you know, Radio Destructoid is a community podcast so this invitation is extended to ALL of the dtoid community. Basically, we NEED your help!

What we are looking for:

1) First and foremost, Hosts. None of the main crew is going so it's up to US to step up to the plate and fill in for them. 

Responsibilities: Hosts would have to meet together several times during the weekend and just record chunks of audio doing stuff. If we use last year's episode as a cheat sheet, we can talk before/after hours when the convention center is closed, waiting in lines works too, ie. the line before the show opens since we'll all be free at that moment anyway; at the Dtoid karaoke night outside the venue; and literally anywhere else where we can pull aside folks attending PAX for interviews.

A Host would have to be in at least a couple of the recordings. Wouldn't be much of a host otherwise.

Please be respectful. We're looking for fans of the show also, but if not, at least listen to the live episode of Radio Destructoid at PAX East OR MAGFest 12 as your training recording to prepare you for pestering folks. Pay attention to the Questions that are asked.

Just to reiterate, hosts don't have to spend all their time traveling the show together. The responsibility is not intrusive on your plans/schedule so don't worry. Ideally you would need to get a phone with a recording app, for example the Smart Voice Recorder on the Google Play store. This way when not with other hosts, you can still record something if you run into someone cool and want to interview them.

2) Next we need guest dtoiders to be interviewed. Sure you can't make it as a host? That's ok too, if you'll be at PAX you can still be interviewed for the podcast. It just has to be set up, meeting time/place, before hand.

Responsibilities: Please be on time, we all have a million things at PAX to see and experience so "12pm on Saturday" is 12:00pm noon Saturday on the dot. Make sure to check your phone so you don't miss a call from your interviewer. That's about it. Be prepared to answer questions, is another one..

3) Other/misc contributions. so you can STILL be a part of the recording in other ways. It's up to you to come up with interesting ways to contribute but you can, for example, ask a question, ask to be avatar adopted, ask for a shout out, send us virtual hugs and kisses, whatever you want to do.

This applies to dtoiders not going to PAX East also, so feel free to come up with a cool thing to pitch in. 


So that's it! Just shoot me a PM or comment below to apply for any of these fine positions. And best wishes to those attending the show. To close, here are some useful links for everything PAX East 2014/Dtoid. Feel free to comment also any suggestions you might have for me, this is my first time organizing something like that. Now LET'S PARTY


Post for Dtoid PAX East plans (http://www.destructoid.com/here-are-destructoid-s-pax-east-2014-plans--272849.phtml)
Disney Fantasia (http://www.destructoid.com/come-to-our-disney-fantasia-music-evolved-event-at-pax-east--271627.phtml)
Official Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dtoid-pax-east-2014)
Forum Thread for Planning/Discussion (http://forum.destructoid.com/showthread.php?33946-PAX-East-2014)

LIVE FROM PAX EAST 2013 EPISODE (http://communitoid.libsyn.com/communitoid-episode-021-live-from-pax)
LIVE FROM MAGFEST 12 EPISODE (http://communitoid.libsyn.com/communitoid-episode-028-live-from-mag-fest-12)
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A little while ago I read that soon we will be able to turn off the light on the PS4 controller. And people rejoiced. After some quick google searching however it turns out this won't be happening. Instead Sony is going to put out a patch to allow the light to be simply dimmed. That's a shame, it should be toggle-able BUT I still wish to defend this seemingly intrusive and unnecessarily... flashy design choice.

cower in fear! - a dualshock 4

So what's up with the anger? Who cares, my argument is about the novelty with this thing that people hate. The light changes depending on: things going on in the home screen, what's happening the the game during play (ie. dying, passing a level, pausing) and several other qualifiers that have yet to be found out by PS4 users I'd imagine.

Well that's the spin I see on this whole light-in-your-controller business; there's kind of a novelty to it. Specifically this kind: I was at a Tech talk for Indie game devs with Andy Hull (producer of Spelunky on XBLA) as one of the speakers and at one point the discussion focused on the intricate depth to the indie rogue-like powerhouse. Essentially, why is it so damn complicated-cryptic!? Well his answer was and bear in mind this decision wasn't necessarily up to him but the game creator Derrick Yu that it creates a "schoolyard effect". The kind of effect many of us -- gamers and non-gamers alike -- had growing up.

"Oh no way. How'd you do that!?"
"What this? It's super simple, you just gotta..."
"Wow, thanks!"

Remember that? It was pretty cool. Because we didn't have internet we would figure stuff out by word of mouth. If things were like that today, I probably would've never beaten Spelunky before 1000 playthroughs !!

Ok so back to the light. It kind of has, or the potential at least, that novelty about it too. Why the flip is my controller purple now? Well I might not know, but my gaming buddy or just some person in the vicinity who overheard might know..

Aside: Wow.. that means this could function as an ice breaker too.

..I hope you see what I'm getting at here. The last thing I will say is that I can confirm this actually happens. I have been in a lot of environments where people are crowded around a PS4 -- groups, events and games, large AND small -- and people really do discuss what's going on with that ever-changing light.

So that's one way to look at it. Me personally, as long as the battery doesn't get too drained by the light function, it can do whatever it damn well wants. It can rave it up for all I care, I usually game in a well lit room so it's hardly noticeable.

Spoiler alert, there's nothing really here important except for updates on what I do. Which might not be important at all :x

I've been rather distant lately when it comes to cblogs -- both writing them and reading/interacting with the blogs of others -- and part of this has to do with the fact that I've become more active on the forums... I only have so many hours in the day, if only me and Dtoid could just move in together </3

Anyway, I'm going to make a serious attempt at maintaining forum activity & have a triumphant return to the Cblogs.

For starters any Cblogs I don't immediately have time to read I bookmark and keep in a folder to read at a later time. I might start printing them out at my school and reading them on the go, which is way more efficient than it sounds.

Then I am thinking of creating a -gasp- cblog series. Many cbloggers make these and they generally go over well, provided they are executed well enough. This would be a first for me. I don't have an idea for what yet, maybe the comments below could be used to help me with suggestions? Perhaps you read a blog post of mine you liked and think some fragment of that could be transformed into a series... Not sure. But definitely comment if you have any and I mean ANY suggestions at all. It will help. 

Lastly, I have not given up on this one super cblog I wanted to write a long time ago. It would require the dreaded research and fact checking to be top notch and done a little more extensively than blogs passed. So there's that down the pipeline. Oh and I may or may not be appearing as a guest on a couple of podcasts in the near or distant future! And also I signed up for a Dtoid interview.

Thank You.


This episode starts all the way in the distant past of 32 hours ago (appx.). When a younger myself decided to evening-nap, tossing school responsibility to the soon to be 30 or 40 mph wind and completely ignorant of what has been carved out by this laziness.

I awoke to banging, it was dark out and the winds had picked up, though only the bangs indicated so. A metal hangar door, or something of this sort, was lifted and slammed down into the roof of the building thanks to the strong winds. Oh and it had been raining, which a roof leak cued me in on. It was just about after midnight, and I had the entire night to finish a group presentation for a Lit Theory class that was held off for far too long. First the laziness, then the procrastination.

This is the harsh part of the story.

I was sent into some sort of panic with the eerily horror atmosphere, so I rigged up noise canceling headphones and loud music to block out the almost Outlast-ian vibe. It helped and was able to get me through writing out all components of the project (a handout sheet, a power point slide show and a script for presentation). But by the time I finished and was ready for bed, the clock read 7:00am.

My risk paid off, I was able to wake up three hours later, though largely thanks to my presentation group partner texting me just as I had to run out the door. I have a method for waking up after only a few hours of sleep and it is to sleep on top of the covers. Presumably the coolness prevents my mind and body from falling too deep asleep. I prepared everything for the class and set out of the house.

Now a problem fired up that I was under the impression wasn't an issue for me any longer, since some time. Anxiety. The train ride to class was a nightmare. Bits from the script and the slideshow were running through my mind. I was running tests runs of me saying things in front of the thirty or so students. The horrible job done on the handout was menacing me. All sorts of crazy bad feels were going through me, till I felt nauseous and sick to my stomach. Oh and I was running late too.

I got to class finally, twenty minutes late. Partner must hate me, professor was probably furious. Well not actually the case. Things were relaxed and the presentation hadn't started yet. The professor wanted to give a pre-lecture of our topic first. So naturally, more anxiety. It would be better to walk into the class and start. But this stalling paradoxically makes you more anxious despite more time. Thoughts run through your head, anticipating when the Professor turns to you and says, "Are you ready to go up?" Ready!? How could I be ready after the mental torture of this stalling??

But I did it somehow. When I stood up there in front of all those intimidating faces waiting to bite my head off, my anxieties became liquid, quickly shaken off. And despite one cringe worthy joke I propped into the script, the presentation went better than well. Students laughed and they even seemed interested when I thought my presentation was going to be a snore con. Everyone loved the Daily Show video I picked out. And just like that, I like to believe, I overcame my public speaking fear.

Last semester I took an acting class and I remember after each performance being so full of energy I had to call someone. It's not as annoying as it sounds, I would call someone with a legitimate intention. Setting up plans, some inquiry or whatever. Well the same effect happened here and it carried through the rest of the day.

The next stop was my favorite on-campus video game club, where I could socialize, kick some ass at Virtua Fighter (and get ass kicked too) and get my ass kicked at PSASBR. But my time there was amazing. I felt like a god damn beast, it was just another day for them yet I was running from group to group in our club space, talking, playing games, cracking jokes. At that time, I felt like I had just broken out of an anti-social shell that's plagued me for the longest damn time. I got some grub with a good buddy of mine and then I was off to a class.

With the permission of the professor, I left the class 40 minutes early. I was headed to another college campus for a video game seminar, hosted by Andy Null of Spelunky fame. It was a "tech talk" and the panel really gave some insight into some awesome things about the rogue-like classic and HD. I won't go into that, though I could in the form of a c-blog if someone wants. The real idea was how cool it was to see gaming in a college, taken as a serious educational frontier. My main thought after the seminar, taking in the things discussed and the cool video game lab, was how I went in the wrong field. But it was nice to be present, nevertheless. Finally my friend, who joined me for the seminar, and I headed however many miles west to the greatest bar in the world to end the night with some good drink.

And here I am, almost 5am, writing it all down for a Cblog in the dead of night (or morning), with the red of eye. Truly, this was the greatest day ever.

3:13 AM on 03.07.2014

Yeah, I've gotten into Twitch. I will be playing Spelunky mostly and also streaming other things. Hopefully I will get better and I won't have to apologize to everyone for wasting their time.

No definite schedule has been drafted yet, though I am pushing towards weekends or mid-week. tbd soon.

Here is the link, for you to check it out