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nanabana avatar 5:21 PM on 08.10.2008  (server time)
On will she lose her tattoo virginity

yesterday when i was driving my aforementioned best friend to work, we were talking about what i had written in my previous blog about my relationship with a world of warcraft addict. i had posted it and then went to work at 445 am (i work at a coffee shop, you may have heard of it - starbucks) and didn't get a chance to read any of the responses until i got home.

thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my "wall of text", i apologize if it burned. i didn't expect everyone to agree with me, or have sympathy for me, i actually thought most people would have called me stupid for even putting up with him, but it's nice to know that even within a community that i am merely a observer of, there are people that understand where i am coming from. believe me, if i had a penny for every time someone told me that i should break up with him, i'd probably be a lot richer - i'm not even kidding, ask my best friend. as for the people who complained about my grammar and capitalization, i'll give you grammar since when i reread it, i was very much ashamed of my glaring grammatical errors, as far as capitalization, just be thankful i DoN'T tYpE lYKe DiS.

in any case, within the same car ride we also talked about my impending tattoo appointment today. i have been wanting to get a tattoo for a pretty long time now, so it's not an impulse one. i've been wavering about designs and positioning and i think i've finally narrowed it down. even so, it's so hard to get myself to go through with it. what is even more disappointing was when we actually went to the tattoo parlor that i wanted to go to, the artist had an appointment and no time for walk-ins - so now i have to go through this whole ordeal again... it is going to be of my sun sign and the placement is on the side of my right wrist... kind of below my thumb. it's not going to be small, since this is my first tattoo and all, and i figured once i get my "big girl job" i can wear a watch or a bracelet if need be.

oh it's going to look like this:

the whole conversation reminded me of the time we discussed getting gaming tattoos. that's right, me, the girl that claims she doesn't play video games... often, was going to get a gaming tattoo. in my defense, i've been subjected to video games my entire life, i may not be hardcore about it, but when you grow up with two older brothers who have had every game system from the atari to the wii, it tends to rub off on you. i've always loved the mario games growing up so i decided it was a toss up between these two:

a goomba or a 1 up mushroom. my favorite enemy and my favorite item..

apparently, i wasn't the only one who wanted to use their body as a canvas to show their love for nintendo.

i thought that was too far though until pictures of this back piece kept on showing up on all my searches.

although the artwork is amazing, i don't know how i feel about having a ginormous wario on my back. i do like that flying goomba in the corner though.

there were so many different gaming tattoos, i was floored. there was everything from the mario franchise to zelda (there were TONS) to final fantasy... and i even found a guy who got a huge ass tattoo of an ak-47 on his calf because he played gears of war. i don't even know what the game is, but evidently you use an ak-47.

chances are, i'm not going to be getting a gaming tattoo. hell, it's hard enough trying to get my very first one. although i know i want it, and i know i won't regret it in the long run, and i've taken the first steps, there's still something that's so hard to overcome getting something that will ultimately be very painful, and very permanent.

i do however, know what i will be getting for my second tattoo (if i ever get that far), and although it will not be an homage to my favorite video game, it will be to disney. and no it will NOT be

a tinkerbell "tramp stamp". eww.

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