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nakedstud avatar 10:38 PM on 04.29.2009  (server time)
a nes, gameboy, and a .... super famicom??? wtf

like i was saying i had just bought my first nes and was playing it to death. back where i am from we had these 100 in 1 game cartridges... which i didnt even know at the time were obviously pirated. anyway i had a few of those 100 in 1 games so i probably owned the entire nes library. so you can just imagine how i used to rape the bloody thing. then, when i was starting to get bored of the bloody thing, came along the gameboy. once again i got a boner when i saw the lil mario on the lil green screen for the very first time. i knew then that i had to fuckin have it. lucky for me my family was going to singapore for the vacations and guess what i picked up? yes a brand spankin new game boy and a couple of 10 in 1 game cartridges (once again obviously pirated)... and once again i had the entire gameboy catalog of games up till that point to my disposal.

lets fast forward a few years... super nintendo comes out... i get a boner after seeing mario in all his 16 bit glory... 16 bit... enough to make a kids legs quiver.. god dayemmm!! anyway at that point my family was going to hong kong for a vacation and i picked up a.... super famicom... what the fuck? me being the dumbass that i am didnt even realize that a super famicom looks nothing like a goddamn super nintendo. i also happened to pick up about 10 games which i later found out were all in chinese. so i spent the next year or so playing goddamn games like lemmings and sim city in chinese... lovely.

for those of you who dont know super famicoms cartridges were shaped like n64 cartridges so the cartridge slot wasnt shaped for snes carttridges (i spent days trying to fit in copies of mortal kombat in it).

so while all my friends were enjoying games like royal rumble, mortal kombat, and super mario world i was stuck playing fucking lemmings in chinese. super famicom or its games werent even sold in pakistan... so i was playing the same goddamn 10 piece of shit games that i had gotten in hong kong almost a year prior.

then finally i found a solution. a removable convertor... as soon as i saw it i bought it went straight home after borrowing royal rumble from one of my friends and shoved it into my famicom. when i turned it on i still remember the black screen. fuck me that 2 seconds or so seemed like a lifetime. then came the rainbow logo of the developer of royal rumble.... don't even know who the fuck the developer was. after seeing that logo i knew i'd finally be enjoying my super famicom...

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