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nakedstud avatar 7:06 PM on 04.29.2009  (server time)
A Brief Overview ... not that you give a shit

Recently i just moved from Toronto to a nearby much smaller city. from a city of roughly 3 million people i now live in a city of a measly 300,000. From living in an upscale downtown pad I now live in the goddamn boonies. From having wild parties every weekend that usually involved drugs, house music, sleazy girls, heineken, and vip tables i now do jack shit all weekend. You may be asking "why is that" now... i'll tell you why. i recently quit my job and went back to school. I realized i wouldn't get too far in this economy and honestly the social life alone was taking a toll on me.

So lets move onto the main reason why i'm sitting on my ass and writing this. i've always been a gamer. My first console was a casio .... 123??... i really dont know what the fuck the model was and i cant even remember. My dad got it for me while he was overseas ( i lived in the middle east at the time). I was 5 at the time and it was 1987... yes good ol 1987... when there was no such thing as a gaming console where i was from. anyway the only game i had - which i can remember- was pinball and it was a piece of shit. but i enjoyed hours of playing the shitty game. So you can imagine what utter amazement i felt when i first saw the nes in action. that lil mario really made my jaw drop to the floor. so after nagging my mom for a few days (yes i was a spoiled brat) we went to the store where i was asked one of the life changing questions of my life. the shopkeeper asked me would you like a mega drive or a nes. since i didnt know what the fuck a mega drive was or the bit system i went straight for the nes and it was that moment when i became a loyal follower of nintendo but lil did i know how i would whore around with other systems in the near future... ok thats enough for now. the not so brief overview will be continued

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