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nakedstud's blog

12:19 PM on 04.30.2009

Whoring Around With Sega... a tale of lust, betrayal, and disappointment

So around 93 or 94 i had grown tired of playing my snes (rather super famicom with a converter... check my previous post). i had played through all the great games the system had to offer... link to the past, starfox, mario w...   read

10:38 PM on 04.29.2009

a nes, gameboy, and a .... super famicom??? wtf

like i was saying i had just bought my first nes and was playing it to death. back where i am from we had these 100 in 1 game cartridges... which i didnt even know at the time were obviously pirated. anyway i had a few of tho...   read

7:06 PM on 04.29.2009

A Brief Overview ... not that you give a shit

Recently i just moved from Toronto to a nearby much smaller city. from a city of roughly 3 million people i now live in a city of a measly 300,000. From living in an upscale downtown pad I now live in the goddamn boonies. Fro...   read

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