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naia-the-gamer avatar 2:32 PM on 05.12.2008  (server time)
New RPG for the "DO WANT" pile: Avalon Code

I found this news interesting on RPGLand, a site that is slowly becoming one of my new favorite places to get RPG news. Both this place and IGN have announced a new game for the DS, Avalon Code.

Why would one care about this game? Because it's being developed by Matrix. They are the same guys that worked on the FFIII and FFIV DS remakes. Knowing Squenix, they will be working on FFV and FFVI remakes (just skip to VI dammit!) I felt they did a great job with FFIII and like what I've seen so far of FFIV. They are working with Marvelous Interactive (yes the Harvest Moon guys) to make this game happen. The pedigree is all there and has potential to be a very good RPG!

Here is some copypasta from IGNs article:

In Avalon Code, you play as either Yumil and Tia, a young boy/girl duo born in a world that's on the verge of destruction. You've been having dreams about the world's end. One day, waking up from one of these dreams, you find a special book at your side. This book leads you on an adventure to explore the world, noting down all the elements that should be carried over when the world is reborn following its destruction, and rewriting all the elements that should be changed.

I should also mention that the game is looking to be an action RPG versus a turn based RPG, something Im finding myself preferring these days (not that I dont like turn-based RPGs). I think the concept of this game sounds interesting and I like the art style. Im also glad to see these guys making their own IP instead of being pigeon-holed to working on Squenixs properties.

Given the announcement of Marvelous Interactive partnering with XSeed to bring their games over, it makes me hopeful that XSeed will bring this one over too. It has a fall release date in Japan. Maybe well see it next spring?

Anyone else like what Matrix has done so far? Im thinking of keeping an eye on this one.

Heres some more screenies courtesy of IGN:

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