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naia-the-gamer avatar 12:56 AM on 08.11.2008  (server time)
Fun Retro Findings

I was out not too long ago visiting some local retro video game stores in my neighborhood. Yes I am very fortunate that within walking distance of my apartment in Los Angeles, I live near two stores that sell retro games. My fiance and I frequent the closer one, however he had never been to A & J games, which was a little bit farther away. We took a nice walk one sunday evening, just 45 minutes before they closed to see their wares.

A & J games has a huge collection of retro consoles. Never have I seen so many Atari machines in one room. I'm not talking merely of the 2600 either. I saw an Atari 400 and 5200 among the pile. The store also some very obscure relics like the 32X and the Virtual Boy. As much I love the retro stuff, I do have to draw a line and hold myself back from buying lemons.

What was exciting about this trip was the Nintendo games buried in the vast sea of mostly mediocre cartridges. My fiance decided he wanted to buy something when he saw this:

He makes it no secret that he is a Mega Man fanboy, and even seeing Mega Man 2 I couldn't resist (it's my second favorite Mega Man next to Mega Man 3). I was hesitant at first as we are trying to save money, but then he found this game in the pile:

Yes, that is Dragon Warrior 2. Now at this point the super fans in both of us squeeed over to the register and put down $30 for the two of them (after taxes, even). If there is one thing I regret as a gamer, it's trading in all my NES, SNES and Sega Genesis games. Now I'm on a mission to get them back for as little money as possible, one game at a time.

These two were too great to pass up.

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