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naia-the-gamer avatar 1:06 PM on 04.02.2008  (server time)
Final Fantasy IV for the DS heading to the US; Naia swoons for Spoony Bards

If my avatar isn't obvious enough I will say I am an FFIV fangirl. While I've lamented the direction of the later Final Fantasies I still pine for the old school ones. When I heard last summer Square-Enix was remaking FFIV for the DS I cried tears of joy. I've since waited patiently for a US confirmation. I even NOT downloaded the Japanese version for my R4 and while it was fun I have to say it's very hard to play in Japanese when one can't read it. My hopes and dreams were realized when DS Fanboy posted this article confirming the appearance of the game in Nintendo Power, complete with interviews and english screenies. I've tried to find such screenies on the net, but with no avail as of now. I think I may have to go searching for the magazine myself and scan them in for your pleasure.

Another interesting tidbit was a quote from the Nintendo Power interview about remaking other classic Square titles (versus the Enix titles). This is what was said:

"Chrono Trigger was a no-holds-barred, swashbuckling adventure that was a lot of fun to work on... If the demand is great enough, it's certainly possible. But as a creator, I feel the need to create new titles and not just series installments and remakes. I realize it's a little strange for me to be saying that in an interview about Final Fantasy IV (laughs). But I need to remind myself of that, too."

>_> is all I have to say about that. Sure, NOW they worry about being cash cows. If they're not going to bother remaking Chrono Trigger, could they at least put it on VC? Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV are my too favorite video games of all time. Having them both remastered would be my dream come true. I'd be Chad-level happy for months!

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