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naia-the-gamer avatar 12:58 PM on 08.04.2008
Boo! Braid really is 1200 MS Points

Microsoft decided that it will test the consumers to see how much money they will be willing to pony up by announcing Braid will indeed cost 1200 MS points (that's $15 in real people money). It seems like a big middle finger to deny the pricing a week ago, only to confirm it now.

What has bothered me the most since day one with downloadable games is that Microsoft indirectly controlled the entire market. Since their console came out first, they got to be the first to decide on pricing. Frankly I think with a lot of the titles that hit XBLA even 800 points is too much, let alone 1200 (although it WAS totally worth it with Puzzle Quest, since the stand-alone game was $30). Since they were able to get away with it for year, it made it easy for Nintendo and Sony to use similar pricing models, also making their titles in some cases worth more than they are.

Now they are pushing it again. I want to support a game like Braid or Castle Crashers, because they look like amazing titles, but I don't want to support Microsoft seeing how far they can gouge the consumer.

The whole thing has been a slippery slope since day one, and now it's really starting to show.

Or maybe I'm just whining because I'm poor.

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