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naia-the-gamer avatar 3:44 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things Naia shares on the internet [NVGR]

I got peer-pressured by the other students to share with the class, so here goes:

1. Iíve always been into computers. My Dad brought home our first computer when I was three and apparently my parents said I thanked my Dad for ďbuying me a computer.Ē

2. I used to think the age of three was the normal age for people to learn how to read, since that was when I learned how to read. When I was in 8th grade my English teacher made a big deal about Michael London learning how to read when he was only five. I didnít know what the big deal was.

3. I was born with my ears sticking out, kind of like Dumbo or Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I chose to have the surgery when I was five to remove the excess cartilage. I still have scars behind my ears.

4. I have perfect pitch. That means I can identify any note without a reference. While it let me skip most of Ear Training I in college, I donít use it as a crutch. Itís just helpful for me to hear things.

5. I was born in New Hampshire and lived there until I was 23. Then I moved to Minneapolis, MN and went to grad school there. I moved to Ann Arbor Michigan for six months and then to Los Angeles, CA. I like to call myself a New Englander who lives in Cali. I will never call myself a Californian. Needless to say, Iím sick of moving, and I want to settle in SoCal. Winter is overrated.

6. A lot of my friends from high school grew up to become artists and musicians. Itís one of my fantasies to do some sort of collaborative project with them for the fun of it. It will most likely never happen because they are scattered all over the United States, but itís part of why I always like the idea of friends working together on projects. I want to extend that same love with other DToiders.

7. I worry a lot, about everything. Iíve had problems with anxiety ever since I was a kid, in a medical sort of way. I got officially diagnosed when I was 22 after trying to ignore it. I have it under control now, but I still find myself getting nervous over the stupidest of things, like get-togethers with friends.

8. I get attached to things and people. If I call you a friend, I mean it. If itís a hobby I enjoy, Iím passionate about it. Itís probably why I play so many video games.

9. I donít know why, but I feel like Iím meant to make the world a better place. I donít mean becoming a famous person or anything like that, but I feel like my purpose in life is important, and when Iím not contributing (like my current state of unemployment), I feel like Iím not living up to my potential.

10. DToid has been one of the best things to happen to me in the last year. I didnít know anybody when I moved to Los Angeles, and I didnít get out much. When I discovered all the amazing people from the community lived so close by and started hanging out, it was the first time in years I felt like I had friends again. I think itís been the constant moving but I havenít been in one place long enough to get to know a lot of people. Then thanks to IRC and PAX I met more nice people. I love Zero with all my heart, but he knows how much I value friendship. I think some married people put too much stock in their spouses and forget that they need other people.

Alright, that was a bit schmoopy. Iím going to go sit back at my desk now.

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