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12:42 PM on 02.02.2009

Diez cosas sobre mí

I saw a bandwagon and I jumped on it!

1: I nearly killed myself when I was about 4 or 5. Growing up a had an awesome GI Joe tent. I took it apart one day and I was playing with one of the plastic tubes. I took one of the tubes with me into the tub and I was filling my mouth with water and then using the tube like a straw to shoot water every where. I stood up to get out of the tub and and fell face first with the tub in my mouth. I nearly punctured my brain. My parents rushed me to the hospital to have them remove the tub from my mouth which I had clamped down on... it was pretty scary. I still have a scar in the back of my mouth from it.

2: I'm an Eagle Scout. I used to be very involved with the Boy Scouts back in my home town. The head of our scout troop was/is a retired Marine (Vietnam vet). He has friends and contacts at Bases all over the place and he has taken many kids on base to do cool stuff. I've been able to sit in an M1A1 tank. I've stood next to a missile silo on a nuclear sub... it was loaded with a city killer. That's a very scary thing. Camping is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately I don't do it very often anymore.

3: I love surfing, sailing and pretty much anything you can do on the water. We have a pool at the house I grew up in. I used to be able swim about 5 laps underwater.

4: I used to do Triathlon training. I would bike for 30 miles or so, swim about two miles, and run for about an hour... I used to be in great shape. Not so much now.

5: I don't speak Spanish. I should learn to...

6: I like people with odd body mods... it's fascinating to me. Like that chick with the forked tongue that was making the rounds on the internet a while back. That kind of forced change to the human body is just... well, like I said, fascinating to me. Also, Lizard Man.

7: I am a compulsive buyer. I buy more games than I beat. In fact I've bough a lot of games that I've only played once. I've bought PC games before I had a PC that could run them. I am a consumer whore D:

8: I play the Piano. I can play the drums... a little. I like to sing... but I usually sing falsetto. It's more fun that way. 80's hair metal is the best for this.

9: I like to dance. Seriously. I'll just do a little dance when I'm really happy... or hyper.... or drunk... which is almost all the time.

10: I will sex you up. Hardcore.   read

10:49 AM on 01.16.2009

My First hour: MOON (DS)

For those that don't read the front page or pay attention to DS games MOON is a FPS made by

Their previous title was the FPS Horror game for the DS Dementium.

MOON uses an upgraded version of the same engine Renegade Kid developed for Dementium. It runs silky smooth and the control feels very similar to a keyboard and mouse set up on the PC (especially if you use a thumb stylus. You play the part of a Space Marine sent to the moon to investigate some weird sh*t. After about ten minutes of being on the MOON the weird sh*t goes "OH NO YOU DIDN'T" and F*$ks up a lot of dudes. You, being the balls out space marine, go to "recon" the area and find out what happened to you buddies. "Recon" must be Space Marine for "blow that sh*t up!" because you end up shooting first and not asking any questions afterwords. And it's all good because this game is really fun.

Renegade Kid has learned from their mistakes with Dementium and taken a page out of Metroid's play book by adding a sweet map system and Save room system. So as you progress through an area you'll come across map rooms that reveal the level ahead of you and soon after the map room you'll find a save room soon after that. For the first hour you really don't see that many different kinds of enemies. Mostly floaty death balls that either shoot one ball of kill at your or a triple burst of destroy balls.

After you complete the first "level" you are given access to your Wort-.. SpaceBuggie and you get to motor around on the MOON's surface and shoot things with a big ass gun. It controls very similar to Halo's Warthog.

So far I am really enjoying this title. I would recommend it to anyone that has a DS and likes action games.   read

10:16 AM on 01.15.2009

WipeOut HD: FNF Reminder

Hai Guyz! I just wanted to let anyone and everyone that I'll be hosting a few tournaments of Wipeout HD tomorrow for FNF. Race time begins at 8:00PM E.

I'm thinking about setting it up with two or three 6 track tournaments and ending it with a crazy huge 12 track tournie :D

The more the better! I've raced against just one other person a lot in this game and it's still fun, but the best is having a full eight players. SO if you have Wipeout HD and you're free, then hop in and play.

See you tomorrow night folks!

My PSN ID is "nademagnet"   read

12:18 PM on 01.13.2009

Otronicon this weekend!

I made a post in the forums over here You can find all the dates, time, and event info here

Who's going? Who wants to watch the Halo wedding? Who wants to grill out and have a drink?   read

12:44 PM on 10.30.2008

Fallout 3 = Fun!

So I've been playing Fallout 3 every day after after work since I picked it up on Tuesday. This game is awesome!
How awesome?!?! Well, Liam Neeson is your dad for starters!


There is the Bortherhood of Steel armor somewhere? I'm still early in the game, but I will can has get!

And I will shot shit up!

And the game is damn violent!

And this is just the start of it folks! Just the start!

And I will enjoy every damned step :D   read

5:42 PM on 09.05.2008

Strippertoid (NSFW... kinda)

Late Sunday night after PAX closed it doors. A small group of us decided to make our way to a local strip club. We wanted pictures of a stripper with DToid stickers on her body.

After I had sweet talked by waitress and tipped my stripper I pulled out three beautiful robot stickers and requested that she place them on her body (the stripper's body... although the waitress was probably a stripper too). They were all about it, but could not do the deed on stage (that's what I really wanted). So instead they walked in back to the stripper locker and gave us these two wonderful shots:


Also, Cocks   read

1:36 PM on 08.01.2008

Crash'n UR Castles with some Crashtacular Videos.

So with Castle Crashers getting real close to being in our dirty, grubby, slimy, prickly, nasty lil' hands.... I think we should look at it some more and salivate... like a Xenomorph.

Racism? In my Castle Crashers? OH NOES!!!!!!


Oh god Look at this awesome chase! Doesn't it remind you of Battle Toads?




Uhhhh!!! HELP ME!!!!!


Ok boys... It's time to fight each other!


Ok so that last video was a bit boring because the guy presenting it was boring... and we were not playing it.

Now, I need to try and beat some more of your scores in Geometry Wars 2 :D   read

2:46 PM on 07.15.2008

In game footage for Mirror's Edge


Looks really nice.

And if that embed doesn't work here is the link: CLICK ME!   read

9:37 AM on 07.09.2008

Final Notice: Florida NARP

Well guys and gals it's just about time. We only have a few days left until I go buy food and drink and wait for people to come eat and drink and play games. From the looks of it though it's going to be a small gathering. This weekend is also my roommates birthday so on Saturday we will be having even more people over to the house with a Keg and more food. So there will be some drink'n going on.

So who is still planing on coming? I know Kryptinite is still going to be here... and if he's the only one. Then we will carry the heavy burden of making this party awesome. Maybe there will be video of us and a bunch of stripper-hookers on the internet after it's all done... who knows.

Feel free to email me @ "james DOT bloodworth AT gmail DOT com"

I need a drink.   read

10:12 AM on 06.10.2008

Florida NARP: Who's coming?

Ok DToiders, we've set the date. July 11th - July 13th.

We have a place. My House.

Now we [I] need to know who's coming and what you will be able to bring.
I'll supply the foods, we'll split the cost of drinks.
At the house I have 2 360s, 1 Wii, 1 25" TV, 1 23" LCD monitor, Grill, Patio... and other fun stuff.

Also, I need to know if you can afford to make a trip out to Epcot for the Destructoid Drink Around the World Tour.

So far I know the following people have said they can make it:
Mr. Wilson
MATTFOO < UR Not 21...
emotoaster < UR Not 21...

So who else is coming to the party?   read

9:22 PM on 06.08.2008

The Start of the Affair: Apple II

Back in 1986 I attended a summer computer camp at my elementary school. I had just turned 6 and my mom, who was a teacher there, suggested it to me. On the first day all of the kids were given a designated seat in front of a computer. Once I was seated I looked on at the ugly, beige, brick of a machine in front of me. It had a multicolored logo on it. A rainbow colored apple. We spent the next hour learning how to turn it on, off, and how to put a disk in the five and a quarter inch floppy drives. After that we spent the rest of the day playing with programs that taught us how to type and run programs.

The first day sucked.

The second day, however, was awesome. We were allowed to play anything we wanted. We quickly opened the clamshell containers full of floppies and started reading off the labels. If it sounded cool, “run” it. I quickly picked up a copy of Moon Patrol and typed the RUN command. Now the simple act of sliding a floppy “disk” into the drive and telling the computer to run what ever was on said disk was fascinating to me. It was damn near magic.

Magic is just what happened when I saw the title screen for Moon Patrol.

I started the game and quickly hit every key on the keyboard until I figured out what the controls were. After that I was a driving and a hop’n and a shoot’n all over the Technicolor moon. This gave me a new joy, a new sense of wonder and, I needed more. I quickly pulled the disk out of the drive, set it aside, and ran back to the containers. I looked around to see what the other kids were playing. One screen had two figures in what looked like a hand to hand fight. I asked what it was. After learning the title of the game I fished out a copy for my self.

Karateka was my introduction to one on one mortal combat. This was even more amazing than Moon Patrol. I watched as Princess Mariko was imprisoned by Akuma. I looked at my character as he climbed over the side of a cliff and onto that long, long, loooong path. My first few fights didn’t go so well. I was promptly handed my ass over and over again. Once I learned to be patient and attack my enemies, with left right combos followed by a quick retreat, did I start to kill any enemies. I fought them over and over again, slowly making my way to Akuma and his damned bird. Jesus… I hated that bird. After vanquishing my enemies I entered the Princesses room. I was still in my fighting stance when I walked up to her expecting to a warm greeting… instead I was welcomed with a fatal kick to the face. That was my first WTF moment in video gaming. I then learned that you had to run to her and into her open arms.

Many of you have seen this, I'm sure:


Later I chased a bitch named Carmen around the world. All my attempts ended in vain. I was never able to get her, but I did capture a lot of her henchmen. I swear if I ever see a girl dressed all in red with a damned red hat I’m going to punch her in the face.

I took control of a transforming robot in Thexder: Hyper Dual Armor. That robot was sweet because it was armed with heat seeking lasers! FRICK’N HEAT SEEKING LAZERS PEOPLE! The creators of this game had clearly been fans of Robotech.

I spent the rest of my week playing these games and others. My thirst for games grew and grew. Since my mom was a teacher at the elementary school I had hours every day after class to spend with the Apple II. I would play on it every day. Everyday that is, until I was given something that I learned to love even more, the N.E.S. Even though the Apple II saw less and less of me, I still thought about it from time to time.

Shortly before all of the Apple IIs were replaced at my school I sat down one afternoon and played. I played until my mom and I had to leave so they could lock up at night. That was pretty much the last time I played on one. It was a good afternoon…   read

11:59 AM on 06.03.2008

Florida NARP! Make sure you clear your calendars for the end of the month!

Greetings Florida DToiders!

Summer is here! It's time to get out the Bar-B-Que lay down the Slip-n-Slide and, most importantly, set a date for the first annual Central Florida NARP! Now, I know some of you are wondering what hell has taken so long. Well... my plans have a way of falling flat on their face. With that said, lets get down to it.


We need a plan here folks. I would like to suggest the following:

End of this month (June 27th - 28th)
People get off work on Friday and head to Orlando to meet up at my house.

We eat, drink and, game our asses off; maybe even go downtown for a little while. Then on Saturday we head to Epcot and get ourselves some day passes and commence the first ever DESTRUCTOID DRINK AROUND THE WORLD MARCH! We'll start in Mexico, meng, and make our way around the lake drinking at each country themed section of the park until we either pass out or make it back to the gate(CHAMPIONS!); after that we can head back to my place and sleep it off and then on Sunday - "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. (^_^)"

Because of all the drinking that I'm sure will be involved I think we should make this a 21+ event. However, if everyone is willing to pass on the bar hopping Friday Night then I guess 18+ is acceptable. This way we can have the younger members DD for us after Epcot...

Now... with that brief plan laid out, what does everyone think? Is there enough time for everyone to get that down in their calendars?   read

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