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nabokovfan87 avatar 11:20 PM on 06.10.2013  (server time)
PS4 and Xbox One Pricing... Take this away from E3.

E3 is upon us and we finally know the pricing and specifics of each console.  More importantly we know the world where each is headed.  Sony wants games to be open, normal, and as they have been for some time now, but also want's to bring modern things into the puzzle using the Gaikai service. They also announced a $400 price tag as well as the news that online play will no longer be free, just like cloud saves, autopatching, and other conveniences.  Microsoft announced their $500 dollar price tag, TV features, plethora of standard exclusives and blockbusters like battlefield, call of duty, halo, forza, and so on.

I watched all of the conferences simply waiting for Sony to take a gigantic dump all over the xbox one's face.  It serves them right for having the audacity to complain that sony didn't show a box at their reveal when we all know their box not only is poor, but is simply a rectangle with vents.

As mentioned in other blogs, I am a PC gamer.  I own many consoles, and have been waiting patiently for the next PlayStation due to my history and issues with PlayStation 3.  I was thrilled when the PS4 was announced to have not only better hardware, but a lower price, and no DRM shenanigans.  But, they decided to tier online and keep everything else tiered as they did on the ps3.

A long story put very briefly, I lost my entire saves collection at least 4 times.  Since then they added plus, which I cannot use because my console has a YLOD, the hard drive with the backup must be put into the original console, and simply put, there is nothing I can do to get those back easily.

The news of more things being tiered that should be and are free elsewhere has me concerned.  The reaction on twitter shows that they light glossing over that fact wasn't well received either. 

So, we all know what the new consoles will cost and contain, let's look at the realities of switching to PC.  Here is the price on a typical, standard, middle of the range PC that will give you performance similar to that of the next console generation.

Motherboard (79.99): MSI 970A-G46
CPU (119.99): AMD 4300 AM3+
PSU (89.99): Corsair CX Series
Ram (69.99): G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1866
GPU (209.99): Asus 7870
Case (29.99): NZXT Source-210
Total: 599.94

Here is the prices for a pc using the actual hardware platform of those consoles:

APU (129.99): AMD A10-5800K w/ 7660
Motherboard (89.99): MSI FM2-A75IA
Ram (69.99): G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1866
GPU: (not required, built into the APU)
Case (29.99): NZXT Source-210
Total: 319.96

You need a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and OS.  Those can be had for anywhere from $50 for all of the above, or well above that price point depending on what you want. Let's assume windows 8 for $99.99 and A 500 GB drive for $59.99.

All of these prices come from not shopping around and specifically are available today/now and not reflecting any sales upcoming due to new hardware releasing.

Total 1: 759.92
Total 2: 479.94

Adding that OS cost is where things take a change.

Needless to say, the realistic price of those boxes is just about what it actually costs to build the exact same PC right now.  You gain access to thousands of sales, from humble bundle, steam, gog, origin, uplay, amazon, and elsewhere.  The release price of most games is cheaper, and the overall ease of use includes saves that can be easily backed up, cloud based saves for most modern games, automatic patches for most games, and direct access to every single thing you could ever want the console to do.  Youtube, netflix, blu-ray playback, whatever it is.... you can now easily add that or access it without going above and beyond any extremes.

Now, the matter of exclusive titles is the real issue here.  Does playing those 5-10 games per year really matter?  When my final ps3 died It was a tough going.  Games like deadly premonition, gran turisomo 5, dark souls, madden, nhl, and many others where launched first elsewhere and where for the most part exclusive to the consoles.  However, the amount of money saved by not paying full retail price, waiting for sales, and simply having access to cheap games is astounding. 

Look at your gaming shelf,  how many games are on it? 100? 200?  I have well over that on my PC.  I have 481 games on steam alone with nearly 100 installed.  That isn't including uplay, origin, gog, and standalone games I have from the past few decades.

Let's assume these are budget titles. say $40 if they were a console game. Perhaps, 25% of them digital download indie type titles for $10.

25% * (481) * $10 + 75% *481 * $40 = $1202.5 + $14,430 = $15,632.5

Seems insane right?  Here is the realistic price of my games. ($6025.72)

The pricing of games on PC is simply put, dramatically different.  The way games work on PC is dramatically different.  The ideals of PC gaming are dramatically different.

I know Sony destroyed the Xbox when it comes to price and content, but can everyone please take a step back and realize that certain things need to be free for everyone for very good reasons?  I shouldn't pop in a disc and have it tell me to go buy gold or another console to play local online with my stepbrother.  I shouldn't have $5 a month be a reasonable "cheap" alternative to solid customer service and a quite frankly an already proven feature set that has been working for some time.  Yes console manufacturers and retailers love money, but there is a slightly better way to get your content, and I hope the console gamers realize that the only difference between the PC and their next console is a usb cord and a controller driver, both of which they already have.

Think it over,

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