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11:13 PM on 05.03.2009

top ten things I want in bioshock 2

10. no limit on how much money you can carry
9.cooler plasmids
there were a bunch of scraped plasmids from the first game. it would be cool to see some of them make it in to the second game.
8.less lame plasmids
I really didn't use a bunch since some of them were just useless. I never used cyclone trap, insect swarm, or target dummy and by half way through the game security bulls eye was useless as well.
7. cut scenes
I thought that the radio was cool but it didn't convey emotion well and there were very few cut scenes if you could call them that. the only examples were in the beginning after the plasmid, Andrew Ryan cut scene and the ending cut scenes.
6. more enemies
I liked the enemies in the first but they didn't vary in size or challenge. there were splicers and big daddies.
some splicers had plasmids but they are no harder than the normal variety. maybe in bio shock 2 they will have some new bad guys and maybe there will be more variations of splicers.
5. go deeper into history of rapture
There was a lot of room to flesh out rapture more. The tonic advertisements in the game were great.
Maybe there should be a part where you go trough residential areas or rapture.
4. leave rapture
There some parts out side of rapture. It would break up the game and make more interesting gaming experience as long as it doesn't pull a dead space where all the parts that break it up are annoying or boring and at best it breaks it up like the varying levels in halo.
3. scarier ghost sequences
all the ghost sequences in the first game would convey story without radio being used. The visions could be used to show a darker side of rapture.
2. more stuff to invent
it would be nice to invent weapons, ammo, items and plasmids in the sequel.
1. make the main character more interesting
I don't know what they are doing with the big daddy character but I want be able relate to the character.

I don't know if I have any right to say this since I have just be bioshock about 3 hours ago. also I found the ammo changing was really annoying. this final boss seemed uninspired and I almost killed Fontaine with just my machine gun. Though I did like the way Fontaine looked it showed that even though Adam can improve you but it ultimately corrupts the body, mind, and soul.   read

2:22 AM on 01.07.2009


my x box just died like 3 or 4 hours ago for the second time so I decided to write a crappy poem about it. also I guess this means I will be playing my new ps3. though I miss playing fallout 3. I was only half way done. I had so much more to do. I had 13000 caps almost.

why oh why did my x box die.
oh why did my Microsoft lie.
I shed these tears for x box queers on live.
I wish my x box was he so I could play and jive.
to my shocking dismay fallout 3 killed it this day.
damn those robots will pay when my x box returns and I play.
my ps3 is lonely and dusty.
but it shall never replace Wadsworth and Mr. gusty.

: ( :( :( :( :(
I feel better now. hope to get the box to ship off in 2-3 weeks, then another 4, and then another 2.
:( :( :( :( :(   read

10:40 PM on 11.05.2008

the good and bad of fable 2

first let me say I love fable 2 it's awesome.

1). the emotion is great
2). the dog it awesome
3). cut scenes don't take you out of it
4). monsters seem easier (balverines are way too easy)
5). the side quests are great
6). houses is fun to buy
7). the rent makes it easy to get gold
8). the fact that every place is for sale
10). gargoyles are so hilarious

1). the dog makes treasure hunting too easy (especially dig spots)
2). the arena is too easy
3). short
4). the targeting on trolls is hard especially when there are other enemies
5). the glitches really suck
6). children are always following making it hard to do crime
7). rent money makes the game to easy to buy stuff
8). not enough demon doors
9). the fact that no one ages like you
10). lack of clothing ( why did all the villagers have clothing that wasn't on sale any where)

If I really had to review it I would have given it a 9
mainly because it was so fun I almost didn't notice most the glitches and guns make up for it any ways. seriously trolls suck I can't get the perfect time in the arena because that troll takes so long to target and then every time you aim for the back they turn around and you have to use the time distortion spell argh! finally one of the things the irked me was the fact you can't buy any of the villager apparel like top hats and other pieces of clothing.

final list
hype\ 7 (a little too hyped)
game play\ 10( it's so fun)
audio\ 6 (audio cuts in and out and once it stopped altogether)
graphics\ 8 (I liked the models from the first one better there also a lack of clothing)
story\ 8 (it is standard but it does things that the first fable failed at)
BUY It!   read

11:58 PM on 09.27.2008

do cases matter

Today I got my self silent hill origins for PSP for 15 buck no case or instructions so that brings up something that is always in my mind will that be necessary when we move over to digital download. Most emulations of games don't come with instructions and most games now insist on having the first part of the game explain controls anyways. So the only reason the manuals are there are for the pretty art. I really like manuals but if they disappear that is not the end of the world because I hate getting french instructions or french box art it's annoying especially when it is out side the box and double wrapped. Though to day the manuals in games are usually pretty lack luster the last good game booklet I read was from twisted metal: head-on or wipe out pure that's at least two years. I also though that halo 3 had a very boring booklet even though it came with the art book. Now in the comments I want to hear what instruction manuals you like internet people!


12:51 AM on 09.10.2008

games that felt rushed

I really hate when games just feel rushed. Recently I played Harvey bird man for the p.s.p. it just felt like there should of been more; choice, cases, and unlockables. There was just no replayablility to the game. There were random choices where you get blocked by Mentock the mind taker he says something like "beware the mind taker". My friend who loves the show with a passion had trouble getting through the game because randomly you have to present profiles of characters. I even went back to get all the unlockables and it only took me 2 days I am glad I got it when I was in Seattle for $20 bucks. I hate that it's 30 buck in Canada >:(.

3:00 AM on 08.28.2008

why my vacation is full of epic fail

I am in seattle and I am not going to pax I left my 360 is at home and the only thing I can show for my trip is some awesome clothing, this month's issue of game informer, and a copy of dead rising (because I can never find a copy). the part that is worse is that I got my friend to borrow my harddrive so he could download castle carshers for me.
I don't mean to sound like a wanker but I don't have braid, castle crashers or pax.
All I have is the fact that many other d toiders are not going either.

well since I brought it up this months issue of gamer in former was rather........"informing".
since I am very intrested in the new bat man arkham asylum game especially since I read the book 2 moths ago. I think that this could be the best game adaptation but only if every thing that was mentioned in the article was true. I don't want bat man to become another E.T. game because newmexico has enough video game land fills.

I forgot to mention this is my first blog post so I am sorry in adcance for being a total noob.
Also it is really late right now so my speling is mediocer.   read

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