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mystakin's blog

1:45 PM on 12.02.2012

XCOM Enemy Unknown: Searching for a Story

I love stories in games. A well-crafted plot can transport the player to a world never before experienced. It can create emotional moments that linger in a gamer's mind long after the controller is put down. It can involve a ...   read

8:34 PM on 11.14.2012

They Bleed Pixels teaches without a classroom

They Bleed Pixels has a fine tutorial. The core mechanics are taught to the player through video demonstrations and guided trials. Moves are performed by the AI, and the player must repeat the AI's performance to prove the...   read

1:34 AM on 07.13.2012

Next-Gen: I want the impossible.

There's a lot of ideas that come to mind when someone asks what you want out of next-gen games: more realistic graphics, games at a locked 60fps, better online networking, maybe even solid state drives for faster loading. All...   read

10:45 PM on 06.17.2012

The Internet is Broken: Six Months of Boy's Club

That's right, the Internet is broken. Or perhaps more specifically, the people on the Internet are broken. Recent events have been riddled with negativity, hate speech, and an incredible amount of sexism that I'm just sick of...   read

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