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myaimistrue avatar 1:41 PM on 04.17.2008  (server time)
Alone In The Dark Impressions - Insulting(?) The Producer Edition

Why hello there!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that everybody here is psyched just like me about the new Alone In The Dark game.
Well, yesterday i attended a Atari event in Stockholm, and got about 30 minutes of live gameplay with equally live commentary from the producer, Nour Polloni!

I could bore you with a detailed impression, but let's face it: I don't have the patience to write it, nor you to read it all. But if i would write a long impression, it would be positive!

The greatest moment of this evening came towards the end, after the presentation when i managed to take courage and talk to Nour Polloni!

And i did the closest thing you can do to Rick Rolling an Alone In The Dark producer:


I asked her about the Sticky Tape.


If you don't understand, watch the following space:

Sticky Tape

Thing is, during the entire presentation she showed all kinds of game mechanics, but NOT ONCE did she use the word "sticky tape", and turns out there was a reason for that. She just laughed and blushed when i asked her, and remarked that she'll avoid using it in the future because of the internet meme(?) it spawned. She was a great sport about it.

And the game? Absolutley awesome. Somewhat of a wierd presentation in that they jumped back and forth in the storyline from the opening to chapter three, and needless to say, i saw a LOT of spoilers that i think most game journalists have been avoiding to write about.

The only thing i found negative with the game is that seems insanely scripted at times. One scene saw you fleeing the collapsing streets of New York in a cab. During the presentation the player died towards the end of the car chase, and had to restart.
When you saw him replay that part over again the game really reminded me of an old FMV-game more than a "next-gen". Everything was extremly repeated, every little part of the enivroment and oncoming traffic.
Most of the presentation showed more randomness and physics, but the car racing seems ankward.

And yeah, the second best part? During one part the antagonist teamed up with a woman, and met a zombielike creature coming up from a staircase.
The person playing did the thing every sane man would, ran like hell and left the woman to fend for her self! Apparantly the enemy AI does'nt care about your allies. It looked pretty hillarious though.

Final thoughts: I got's me a sweet ass t-shirt, Atari Bag, USB-stick and a key chain fire extinguiser!

Over and out

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