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1:29 PM on 02.06.2009

First Dead-o-Rising: Chop Til You Drop review - Shocker! It's from Sweden!

I just got home from work where i found the latest issue of Swedish game mag "Gamereactor"!
And fanboys prepare, for in it is the first printed review (that i know) of Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop...

The score?



Bear in mind, this MIGHT just be one of those smudged print-errors we all know of

It's a short review, the bullet points being
1; The zombies are even stupider than in the 360-version (if that's possible..).
2; The new gameplay-mechanic is much more dependent on firearms that melee. Combining this
with the fact that zombies are far fewer the game relies more on just running around gunning down
zombies with shotguns, making for a much more "relaxed" gameplay than the 360-version.
3; The only real negatives being the camera, sound and graphics

But seriously, i's probably a 1.

Yep. Defenitly 1.

Wii sucks confirmed!

Bonus Jeff Lynne pic included for great justice

[size=12]   read

1:28 PM on 02.01.2009

Ten things You didn't know about this guy.

greatest cover art ever or greatest cover art ever?


1: I own six super nintendo and five nes consoles. The reason being that I'm a hopeless fleamarket-junkie, and I buy it for the cheap. Really cheap. Like a compelete SNES with two controllers and ten complete games for 10 Euros cheap. That was a good day...

2: I spilled beer on my keyboard two months ago with strange results. Everytime i hit the "a" button the bookmarks-tab in firefox opens up.
It's a bitch having to copy the letter a and ctrl-v-ing eveytime you need to type it.

3: Once, about six in the morning in a club in berlin i (drunk as fuck) fell flat on my face and knocked my front teeth THROUGH the area under my lip. One tooth got broken in half and i have a kickass scar to prove it. (and a expensive fake tooth)

4: I'm a swede. Yep, red beard, blone hair, the whole deal. 23 years old. You just have to trust me on this.
I do music, the latest band i was a hardcore group with me on vocals, check that shit:

5: For the past two years I've been drunk atleast two-four times a week. No exceptions. My liver hates me.

6: I don't post that often on destructoid cause I'm lazy, but i love you. I've been there for all the good times and drama since I joined. Also cocks

7:Exept for my DS, the latest console i have is a dreamcast. And i bought that two years ago... tragic.

8: Just like Jim Sterling I'm fully aware of the fact that ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA IS THE TITS.
You'll become a better person if you listen to them, spotify that shit and thank me later.

9: I really really like Elvis Costello and even have a Elvis themed tatoo. And it's epic (hint: It's the same phrase as my username)

10: I randomly moved to Berlin with a friend two years ago. No plan or anything, we just quit or jobs and rented out our apartments and one month later we were there. I lasted three months (in a piss-cold apartment and with the help of their ridicoulsy cheap beer. Seirously, it's cheaper than water.)
She still remains there and i go there about five times a year and do stupid things. (like number three on this list.)


I'll try to be more active here, promise.
Ok?   read

10:51 AM on 10.21.2008

Alan Wake trailer is GO!

Oh man! It's finally here! I haven't seen it yet myself, since is SLOW. But I bet it's good. Oh yeah, it's good. After two years without new footage, it better be.

Start bashing your F5-buttons in 3... 2... 1...   read

1:41 PM on 04.17.2008

Alone In The Dark Impressions - Insulting(?) The Producer Edition

Why hello there!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that everybody here is psyched just like me about the new Alone In The Dark game.
Well, yesterday i attended a Atari event in Stockholm, and got about 30 minutes of live gameplay with equally live commentary from the producer, Nour Polloni!

I could bore you with a detailed impression, but let's face it: I don't have the patience to write it, nor you to read it all. But if i would write a long impression, it would be positive!

The greatest moment of this evening came towards the end, after the presentation when i managed to take courage and talk to Nour Polloni!

And i did the closest thing you can do to Rick Rolling an Alone In The Dark producer:


I asked her about the Sticky Tape.


If you don't understand, watch the following space:

Sticky Tape

Thing is, during the entire presentation she showed all kinds of game mechanics, but NOT ONCE did she use the word "sticky tape", and turns out there was a reason for that. She just laughed and blushed when i asked her, and remarked that she'll avoid using it in the future because of the internet meme(?) it spawned. She was a great sport about it.

And the game? Absolutley awesome. Somewhat of a wierd presentation in that they jumped back and forth in the storyline from the opening to chapter three, and needless to say, i saw a LOT of spoilers that i think most game journalists have been avoiding to write about.

The only thing i found negative with the game is that seems insanely scripted at times. One scene saw you fleeing the collapsing streets of New York in a cab. During the presentation the player died towards the end of the car chase, and had to restart.
When you saw him replay that part over again the game really reminded me of an old FMV-game more than a "next-gen". Everything was extremly repeated, every little part of the enivroment and oncoming traffic.
Most of the presentation showed more randomness and physics, but the car racing seems ankward.

And yeah, the second best part? During one part the antagonist teamed up with a woman, and met a zombielike creature coming up from a staircase.
The person playing did the thing every sane man would, ran like hell and left the woman to fend for her self! Apparantly the enemy AI does'nt care about your allies. It looked pretty hillarious though.

Final thoughts: I got's me a sweet ass t-shirt, Atari Bag, USB-stick and a key chain fire extinguiser!

Over and out   read

6:55 AM on 03.08.2008

"Not my Turning Point gaming rig"

Here lies my beauty. Knowing fully about the random drawing of the winner, i still urge you to take a look at this mess.

For those with keen eyes, there's three kickass objects in this picture besides the antique computer.

1: It's Mr Pants for the GBA
2: A Omnichord, perhaps the most awesome stupid instrument ever
3: World In Conflict Collectors Edition, complete with a GENUINE CHUNK OF THE BERLIN WALL. Probably a great game as well, dunno since my computer can't handle it. *Insert long, painfull "Baaaaaawwwww"- sound here*   read

3:01 PM on 02.27.2008

I Think It's Funny - Horrible Sims add-on scares children and grown men

Holy crap. I don't know if i'm the only one that finds this freaking hillarious, but this both freaks me out and fills me with joy. This is a real, buyable game that's getting released this Friday, and it's a mod for Sims 2. It allows you to put your own face in the game, with god defying results..

For instance, take the child that you see above you. Is it not cute and sweet and whatnot? Hey, it would be SUPER CUTE to put it in Sims 2 right? RIGHT?

*Insert picture of Nazi melting in indiana jones movie*


Can it get any worse than that? Well, the developers have been nice enough to give another example of their superior picture choosing skills...

Hey, you're kinda cute i guess...



Start saving your money for the relase right now, and check out the homepage in the meantime for Sauce:
Web link   read

7:54 AM on 02.05.2008

Mass Effects for the Pc Confirmed. Me first with news. Second statement unlikely.

Hey there fellow D-toiders, my first blogpost (and knowing my laziness, last..?). I've searched a little bit, and it seems this piece of info has yet to leaked out. Mass Effect Is confirmed for the PC! Nope, no rumours, just sweet, sweet confirmedness...ess?

Working in a videogame-store, i've just got a newsletter from EA and in it i found this detail...

MASS EFFECT PC DVD 5030945065685 EAN07706226 TBC TBC ACTION 18+ 25 SWE ENG

So there you have it, unless i'm mistaken i'm actually posting something new and usefull. But then again, i've been wrong before.   read

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