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Hey guys and gals,
I'm college student out of New Jersey and an avid gamer ever since I could breathe (sorta). I own a NES, two PS2s, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, GBA, GBA SP, DS Lite, a PC, and a Macbook; and I game on them all. Without a doubt my favorite genre is RPGs, I will live and die by them. I wanna say my first RPG that really hooked me was Final Fantasy VII, and I've been addicted ever since.

I'm going to school right now trying to obtain my bachelors degree Software Engineering, and ultimately I'd love to enter into the gaming industry.

That's all I can really think to say right now. Game on!
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12:54 AM on 08.29.2009

Hope all your vaginas feel better now that you've had so much fun. I'm glad I could start such a trend.

This blog is for you. Enjoy it, because I am.

Now don't all cry in my comments all at once, take turns.

Hey guys, I'm getting my 120GB PS3 "Slim" today in an hour or so and I just wanted some help picking out some games for the system.

I plan on buying Batman: Arkham Asylum, Killzone 2, and inFamous right away. However, I'm stumped as to what other games I should get.

I'm looking for some games with some good multiplayer action, but really I'll look into just about any suggestion I'm given. Please help me out and let me know so I can get some good ideas. Thanks! :)

Hey guys, I'm not sure if any of you have seen this game yet, but I saw it today and now I'm addicted.

It's an XBL Indie Game called "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!!1" and it's an absolute blast.

It's a top down, dual analog stick shooter, meaning you move and shoot with both analog sticks. AND YOU KILL ZOMBIES, among other things. It gets pretty hard and the best score I could achieve so far is 857,200.

Picture for proof:

Picture was taken with my computer webcam and I mirrored it because it was the least painful way to flip the image the correct way, for me anyway.

It costs roughly 1 dollar (80 Microsoft Points) to purchase the game, and there's even a demo if you wanna try it before you buy it. I highly suggest picking it up and trying it out.

Last but not least... TRY TO BEAT MY SCORE! :)

There's no prize, just want to see how high you all can go, post your score with a screen shot in the comments and enjoy! :)


Here we go!

This post from FFXIVCore identifies the English translations for the monsters pictures we had, and the new class photos I posted yesterday.

Also confirms a few other things, but I'll let you read for yourself.



I am so very excited, going to read the interview now, but I wanted to post it first. Enjoy!

12:06 PM on 08.20.2009

So today I found some brand spankin' new FFXIV pictures/screen shots over at Dengeki!

Some of the shots are just basic pictures of a Gladiator fighting, others are landscape, others are... NEW MONSTERS! WOOO!

Check them out, amazing quality shots.

So, now that Gamescom is officially underway and Square Enix has brought FFXIV along as promised... everyone was wondering what would be revealed. Well, you bitched and you moaned, some of you were excited, some of you bitched some more, but finally it is here... and Square is running a playable alpha version of FFXIV on the floor at Gamescom.

I personally am not there, so all I will do is link to some sites where you can stay up to date. I haven't seen much actual new info being revealed, however there are plenty of pictures and videos to go around for the time being.

Check out these sites: (Coverage by a FFXIVCore member directly from Gamescom floor)

I will update this blog, or make a new one if I hear anything new, so stay tuned.

P.S. There have been no updates to the NA FFXIV site, not sure about the EU site.


In case no one has ventured beyond his page to look for some info on their own, here's a couple screen shots I was excited by.


Look at that draw distance, and it all looks explorable!

Shows the Gladiator class and some skills it can use. (Provoke, Red Lotus, Shield Bash, among others. I can't translate, but there are translations around on some of the sites.)

Shows some areas of Eorzea that will be explorable.

And last but not least, some other classes? Gatherer/Ranger/Monk/Warrior(maybe a Berserker variant, as opposed to the Gladiator?)

Also, check these two forum posts for some updates/general discussion by other fans.

Stay tuned!
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