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mxs102's blog

12:54 AM on 08.29.2009

Hi, this is for you. <3

Hope all your vaginas feel better now that you've had so much fun. I'm glad I could start such a trend. This blog is for you. Enjoy it, because I am. Now don't all cry in my comments all at once, take turns.   read

11:14 AM on 08.27.2009

Soon to be PS3 owner.. games?! (s-blog)

Hey guys, I'm getting my 120GB PS3 "Slim" today in an hour or so and I just wanted some help picking out some games for the system. I plan on buying Batman: Arkham Asylum, Killzone 2, and inFamous right away. However, I'm st...   read

9:59 PM on 08.20.2009

Community Challenge: Beat My Score.

Hey guys, I'm not sure if any of you have seen this game yet, but I saw it today and now I'm addicted. It's an XBL Indie Game called "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!!1" and it's an absolute blast. It's a top down, dual a...   read

12:19 PM on 08.20.2009

UPDATE: FFXIV Screens/Interview with Tanaka

!!!!!!!! Here we go! This post from FFXIVCore identifies the English translations for the monsters pictures we had, and the new class photos I posted yesterday. Also confirms a few other things, but I'll let you read for y...   read

12:06 PM on 08.20.2009


So today I found some brand spankin' new FFXIV pictures/screen shots over at Dengeki! Some of the shots are just basic pictures of a Gladiator fighting, others are landscape, others are... NEW MONSTERS! WOOO! Check them out, amazing quality shots.   read

9:46 AM on 08.19.2009

Today in Eorzea: [UPDATED: 2:40pm EST]

So, now that Gamescom is officially underway and Square Enix has brought FFXIV along as promised... everyone was wondering what would be revealed. Well, you bitched and you moaned, some of you were excited, some of you bitche...   read

12:01 AM on 08.08.2009

In defense of FFXIV.

i decided to re-post my response to Jim Sterling's opinion article earlier on not talking about FFXIV. Jim's story can be found: here. I must mention that my response was in no way meant to bash Jim for his opinion, I was m...   read

9:21 PM on 08.06.2009

Short-blog: Full page FFXIV Famitsu mag scans.

Well it's about time that the French did something useful. I saw these last night but didn't feel like making a blog about it. I found it burried in the Blue Gartr forum thread that I posted yesterday and it's a nice little ...   read

4:20 PM on 08.05.2009

Final Fantasy XIV Info (Crunshii follow-up blog)

After reading Crunshii's blog, which you can find HERE I did a little searching myself on my favorite FFXIV websites and I came up with these links: How Final Fantasy XIV Works (Credit to Video Cognito for posting link in C...   read

11:16 PM on 08.03.2009

Some more Final Fantasy XIV info.

I saw the video** on Kotaku - In case anyone wants to flame me for posting it here when it's on Kotaku, I don't care, I'm merely relaying information because I'm very excited for the game - it's not really new information bec...   read

4:44 AM on 07.29.2009

Oh herro. FFXIV info! + good deals = great frustration.

Well hello there Destructiod, I haven't blogged in over a month now, but it's fine. I've been busy. "I've been busy." doesn't mean that I've been too busy to obsessively check up on information about Final Fantasy XIV as I e...   read

10:14 PM on 06.16.2009

A Gamers Lament.

Today/night has been a really slow day/night, and I decided look at my stack of strategy guides (mostly guides of games I no longer have since GameStop never took guides for trade ins). And I realize something. I really, rea...   read

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