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munnyman5 avatar 2:20 PM on 02.20.2010  (server time)
I'd like to introduce the man. The munnyman. 5.

I made up munnyman5 when I was in grade 5 or something. Why would I change it? I'll never remember anything else.

Contrary to what has probably now become popular belief, that is not my gamertag/username because I have lots of money. It is because when I was in grade 5 or whatever, I always wondered about having a twin brother named "Munnykarn" (indian name; dot indian, not feather indian), because that's what my parents almost named me. Fortunately they didn't because my current name kicks more ass, but that's a fact for another time.

I think video games really started being my thing about 2 years ago. I was into video games as a kid, but there were about 2 years in between that and 2 years ago where I was completely game-less. I finally was spurred into my current level of geek/nerd/gamer-ness when I went to one day of PAX '09, mainly to see the GiantBomb panel. And dude; LINE. UPS. For EVERYTHING. But yeah, I stood in the GiantBomb panel lineup for about 7 lifetimes, right at the very front. The panel was fantastic.

The GiantBomb dudes and I strike a pose for a shitty iPhone picture

I didn't really know about the existence of Destructoid at that time. After I came back, my friend pointed out how much Destructoid is mentioned in the Giant Bombcast, and I thought it would be worth a visit.

To tell the truth, at first, I didn't know what to do at Destructoid. Forums usually aren't my thing. But then I came to the forums here, and realized that there are people out there who don't post on the internet to be jackasses. And they all live in the Destructoid forums. I was so happy to not see Anonymous Contributor being all hard because he was protected by the distance the internet puts between him and the person he's being a jerk to. Then I decided "Hey! I like to write, sort of, and I like video games! Why don't I do this fancy c-blog thing!" because why not? I don't get to write about video games, being a sciences student and all, so this is a great place to blow off that creative steam. So I end up doing stupid things like this:

Anthony's picture from Street Fighter, and Ashly's from The HAWP Before Christmas.

And this.

Yeah it's an old meme. So what? The fact stated above remains the absolute truth.

And some other stuff.

I'm a fan of HAWP, too. The last 2 episodes (Shadow Complex and Rock Band) made me laugh pretty hard, and that's always good.

Lastly what video games I like.

I rented Mass Effect 2 and played up to everyone's loyalty missions before returning it today. Dude, I need to buy that game. And I also need to play the first Mass Effect.

I like HALO. Yeah, I know. Shut up. HALO 3 kicked a lot of ass, as far as I'm concerned, and I played the multiplayer for a good long while. Right up until I bought Modern Warfare 2, in fact. I might even go back to it...

The game I played the most when I was young is "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project". Every time I was over at my NES-owner cousin's house, that is all we would play. It took like, 2 years worth of visits, but one day, we woke up, turned on the NES, and beat that motherfucker. SO MUCH AWESOME.

I also really like Banjo and Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. 'Nuff said. Play that shit, right now.

And that's my intro.

Here's my outro:

Oh, Jeff Gerstmann. Will you never not be totally fucking awesome?

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