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munnyman5 avatar 9:23 PM on 02.24.2010  (server time)
Being Hella Good at Games

I am not that guy. I am not even close. Since I don't sit around and play games all day, I don't really have the chance to get exceedingly good at anything. I'm not bad, really, since I've been gaming for most of my life and can get used to a control scheme and different types of gameplay pretty quick. But I'm not amazing at any one thing. You know, real-life stuff to do that's more important, games take a backseat, that whole business. But I enjoy gaming, people who write about gaming, and even a few of the people who play games (take a bow, Destructoid community. GiantBomb, too.).

This little c-blog post is basically to ask all you pro-ass gamers out there if it really enhances the experience; would I have a much bigger boner for HALO if I could snipe dudes in the face with my eyes closed, or does it end up becoming a chore if I go that far? Which types of games are better when you're good at them? Is being good at a game on "Normal" or "Hard" the same thing as being average at a game but kicking ass on "Easy"? I mean, I usually burn through a game on "Easy" my first time around, and if I think it's worth my precious time to get better and such, I'll go through on "Normal" or "Hard" to see what's up. For example, whenever I get around to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, I fully intend to play a couple characters on different difficulties.

*um.. maybe Mass Effect 2 Spoilers? Not really, though. If you're incredibly sensitive, maybe.*

Actually, the little bit of Mass Effect 2 I did play, I played on "Normal", and died probably more than I should have. I think it's because the enemies go down so quick that I tend to just run in and hammer on every "THIS BUTTON DOES DAMAGE" button until the bad guys fell down. This worked most of the time. When things got rough, I died, because I was used to steppin' up in that piece and ripping dudes up with my hot lady Shepard. I learned my lesson on the collector ship, where I kept dying because I kept popping my stupid head out of cover when 6 giant missiles were coming at me.

How I got past that part was hang out behind cover, shoot my fully-upgraded "Warp" at dudes while they were reloading, wait for my ability to recharge, and repeat. I occasionally switched it up with "Push", because it's funny to watch, and I used my collector beam thingy on the ones that got possessed. This lesson was promptly forgotten as the next mission I went on was not a story mission, and as such just had a bunch of droids whose punk asses I happily fucked the fuck UP, son! Man, I love curving biotic powers around cover. I need to buy that game immediately; the 7-day rental was quite obviously not enough time (I was studying for midterms in between).

*The "not-really-but-maybe spoilers" end here*

Where was I? Right, being average at games. So tell me, good people who read c-blogs, do any of you think that being totally kickass at a game makes it better? I don't count bragging rights or feeling good about yourself for beating people online "better", by the way. I'm talking about the experience itself, in terms of good old fashioned make-you-smile or make-you-throw-up-the-horns-'cause-it's-so-badass FUN.

Man, that turned out longer than I expected... Anybody? ANYBODY? Fine.

That's what she said! FUCK YEAH!

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