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I used to be so hardcore, now I'm more like the 10 minute preview - occasional glimpses but nothing to get excited about.

Wii60 ownder, with a DS to come next month. Over time, I've owned most Nintendo consoles (apart from Virtual Boy... I like my eyes) so I'm a mini-fanboy.

Fav games at the mo - Gears, Twilight Princess, Viva Pinata.
Fav Games ever - Goldeneye 007, Ocarina of Time, Link to the Past, Half-Life 2 and loads more but I can't be arsed typing any more.

Well, I've never actually posted anything blog-type anywhere, so this is all a bit new to me... Erm... What do i actually do then?

Today, I shall mostly be playing Gears, a bit of Fifa 07, and a considerable amount of time on Football Manager 2007. Oh and then tonight, possibly a few beers. Nice.