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Well, to start off with, I go by Munkee, friends gave me this nickname because of my love of climbing random things, from trees to a jungle gym, it hasnt mattered what it is. I also live in your closet, dont be scared, I' am not some creepy monster like the Boogeyman, haha, but I do own a house in Utah and California as well.
Second off, I love gaming (as you can see I have all 3 consoles), along with hanging out with friends, watching (and playing) sports, photography, writing, traveling, music, and going to haunted places.
I can usually be found out late at night doing something insanely fun, yet stupid. Overall I try to have fun with anything I do.
Please note as well, I am sarcastic as no other. That being said, This is the end of my writings, if you want to know more, add me on any of my systems or write me on here :) Im up for playing with anyone (Not like that you perverts!)
Talk to you all soon!
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