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Well, to start off with, I go by Munkee, friends gave me this nickname because of my love of climbing random things, from trees to a jungle gym, it hasnt mattered what it is. I also live in your closet, dont be scared, I' am not some creepy monster like the Boogeyman, haha, but I do own a house in Utah and California as well.
Second off, I love gaming (as you can see I have all 3 consoles), along with hanging out with friends, watching (and playing) sports, photography, writing, traveling, music, and going to haunted places.
I can usually be found out late at night doing something insanely fun, yet stupid. Overall I try to have fun with anything I do.
Please note as well, I am sarcastic as no other. That being said, This is the end of my writings, if you want to know more, add me on any of my systems or write me on here :) Im up for playing with anyone (Not like that you perverts!)
Talk to you all soon!
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7:27 PM on 05.16.2011

Attention all First Access Club members, Duke Nukem Forever Demo is out June 3rd! WOOHOO!
Just a heads up for everyone :)

Good Morning All!
Well the good news today is PSN is back and in action!
I have signed on and updated my console. Phew... Sony has to be breathing a sigh of relief over this one.
But on the downside, I have cancelled my PSN plus account.
I am not sure how many people took the same actions I did, but I realize I do not want my information stored on a server.
Now I know that this may sound silly, but this whole fiasco has brought to light that I would just rather use a "Game Time Card" or "Point Card" instead of putting my financial information out there.
The other reason is, well, Next time PSN goes down, I will not complain about it. I get what I pay for right? I figure PSN is a great service, and I think highly of Sony keeping online gaming free (the way it should be!), but the value of PSN dropped for me.
The inability to play the games during the outage, followed by the realization that "Hey, I just really do not play these semi "free" games as it is." So I have opted out.
Anyone else done this?
On another note, LA Noire is out tomorrow, and I am stoked for it. I have preordered it, and after all, with the restoral of PSN, what better way to celebrate than to play a single player game?

Good morning everyone!
I am sure everyone by now has dealt with the PSN outage (or knows about it.)
Let me start by resting your mind and saying, this is NOT a rant.
This is more a way of looking at the events of what has happened to PSN.
On Wed. Psn went down, at first there was some panic, but rest assured, Sony let us know it would be back up shortly.
Days go by, with nothing to be said or updated, until we are notified that there has been a breach into the PSN network, and that it would be another day or 2 until it was up and running.
Yesterday reading, I see that they are beefing up their security, and this will further delay our access to PSN as we are now awaiting a "rebuild" of PSN to be implemented.
Okay to begin with, This could probably not have happened at a worst time for Sony.
Socom 4, Portal 2 (both of which I have purchased) and MK coming out to PS3, and players looking for online play.
While I understand this outage (I do networking for a living) and I can relate to the pain and frustration that can be caused by these hack attempts, I appreciate sony rebuilding to ensure the continued growth and safety of their members.
Here is my question, that has yet to be answered. I am a PSN Plus member,(compensation for the outage would be really, REALLY nice, but I am not pushy for it at this time), and I have a LOT of credit card information on my account.
Has my account been compromised? Should I call up and have my Card number changed? What about my PSN acount, is it safe?
There has been no update as to what this (or these) hackers obtained, and with days going by without any word from Sony, it has beginning to show that Sony lacks the proper public relations response.
I hope that Sony can learn from this unfortunate travesty and begin new chapter for PSN and its members.
If I was a free PSN user, I would not have much to complain about, as I strongly believe, you get what you pay for (I pay for WOW, and Xbox Live as well, and the money is well spent as their services remain up, and when there is an outage, I have been rewarded back a free month of service, or more.)
Who else is affected by PSN outage? What have you done to pass the time?
I have beaten SOCOM 4, and Portal 2, and now await the online portion of the games.
Tuesday looks to be the day when the switch is flipped back on, hopefully this will be the end of Sony's troubled online services.

Well, I have spent many hours playing, and enjoying, Red Dead Redemption. So much in fact that I have played very little of Alan Wake, (a game I have been waiting years for!)
So why does it matter you may ask? Why would i Damn Rockstar Games? Quite simply, I feel the urge to go buy it on my PS3 now as well! I have friends on both consoles and enjoy the game on a multi-level. Its like Borderlands, I own it on PC, Xbox, and PS.... Grrr.
So how many have been playing it and enjoying it? I love online play, and the story, i can see myself replaying this over and over again :)
I especially love the level of customization I can do things, such as roping, capturing people, the challenges, ect... Good Job Rockstar on another game that sucks away my life! lol

10:38 AM on 05.07.2010

Dear Game Developers,
While I appreciate all the wonderful games you have given me in the past (Assassins Creed, Borderlands, Call of Duty, Rock Band, ect), I am finding it more and more difficult to keep up with the game market. I believe I have done well (Xbox 360 collection alone is at 198 games, PS3 30, and Wii.. Well... 3) but I cannot keep up with a new sequel a year that is only 10 hours.It all feels rushed to just make a quick buck now.
While this saddens me, I have had to make cuts on the games I will buy new this year, and as much as I hate to say it, my list of Used Game purchases will be going up.
How can we fix this you may ask?
Well luckily I am a smart cookie, and realize a simple solution. That is to say, STOP! Lets take a breather and extend the life of the game, (and the series!) Lets focus on making a quality game rather than a game with a minor upgrade (Please note I do not want more "Madden's" floating around). Lets go back to when a game would take at least 20 hours, if not 30-40. While I enjoy multiplayer, I do not believe I will be deeply let down by the lack of a COD style every year that just changes the genre in a minor way (ohh Modern war! back to WWII (but wait Zombies must be included here!) and back to Modern war!)
I hope for the best on your endeavors, and hope that I may continue to support the great work you do, but just to be warned, continue on this path, and I will be forced to pay for only the best games new, and let the mediocre go to my used list.
I know many other people feel this way. I just when through and made a list of games this year alone that I would like, and quite a few of them are just remakes, leading me to question the value of buying a game brand new, or waiting a month or 2 until its 30-40 bucks used.... We will see but i have a feeling it is just going to get worse as time goes alone.

11:43 AM on 05.06.2010

Welcome everyone!
So this time Im taking a break from talking about gaming, to cover another device that I will be getting next week.
The Samsung 55" 3D LED Tv. Granted I do not care for 3D, I am excited to try this tv out on gaming! Does anyone else have this model (or similiar)? I am looking for Pro's and Con's. Reviews have been pretty great about it, as well as customer feedback!