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6:32 AM on 07.01.2012

A little brothers scream can kill...

Well, obviously i'm not being literal about the title! But do you not think at times, that if it keeps going on, and on and on, you might just go and die! Well, again, not actually go and die, but you know what i mean, you feel like you are going to die...Well, iv'e had an experience that will change how i think of my brother forever...

A few days ago, i woke up from a loud screaming sound, none the less, it was my brother. Actually, this happens about, every day, maybe? But it was pretty loud, or i should say, abnormally loud? Yes, i should.
I was lying in bed, just wanting to shout 'SHUT UP!', But i couldn't as it was only 4 am, i would wake up my dad! I was surprised my dad was still asleep! This annoying scream went on for about half an hour, before i went into his room and checked on him.

Even when i was in the room, his screaming constantly vibrated through the air, into my ears, making my head hurt. I flicked the light switch, and he suddenly stopped. At first i thought, he was scared of the dark, but he hadn't done this before, so it couldn't of been. I kept the light on as i walked up to him, slowly, carefully, hoping for him to fall back asleep.

When i got up to his crib, i noticed his favorite teddy, Mr snuggles, war ripped! By using my very awesome imagination, i imagined that his scream, was so loud, it ripped his head off, although, that wasn't true, it would be cool though. My little brothers scream can kill...teddy bears...

(It actually can't, as iv'e said a few times) What actually happened was while he was sleeping, his teddies head got caught on something, but that got fixed, and he got a new teddy, he won't even notice :)   read

2:36 PM on 06.30.2012

Minecraft 360 update info!

Well, from what iv heard, the Minecraft 360 update is going to be July the 6th! I don't know if this is true, but if it is, i cannot wait!

The update is going to be 1.7.3!
They will be adding pistons!
Maps spawn more clay!
You cannot hit TNT to activate it, you must use redstone, flint and steel, etc!
Fences can be stacked!
Shears can be used to pick up leaf blocks and collect wool from sheep without hurting them!
Sheep only drop wool from shearing or killing them, not from being punched!
New cobblestone and brick textures!
Creative mode should be added, or maybe it is in the 1.8 update, more likely 1.7.3 though!

The 1.7.3 update is said to have been pretty easy to develop, but more challenging is going to be the September update! 1.8
The only information i can get is that they are adding NPC villages, and villagers, and structures.
Probably iron golems and ice golems
Finally, from what i know, Minecraft 360, is said to be a different game from the PC version, so that they aren't adding the exact same features, maybe some of the ones that made MC popular, or maybe it's own features, that the PC version doesn't have?

Thanks for reading, Keep an eye out for new blog posts!   read

2:24 PM on 06.30.2012

Microsoft- Good or Evil?

Microsoft seems like a helpful site, but there are many problems occurring on the xbox 360... Due to hackers!

I know some of you reading this might be hackers, but are you sad enough to [b]threaten[b] children playing the xbox 360 into doing what you want them to do? For example; They are not playing a game that you want them to, or they are not joining your party. I'm sure you aren't! But i know someone just like that...but no matter what i say to Microsoft, they don't do anything! The person i'm trying to report to them is a gamer who goes by the name of 'KillDude123'

Microsoft does nothing to help! He is a 13 year old boy, who threatens children as young as 8 on the xbox 360! He has also attempted to threaten me as-well, but as it goes, i know where he lives (I actually do, he lives up the road from me)

So next time you think Microsoft will help, think again!   read

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