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mudkip5000 avatar 12:09 PM on 11.27.2010  (server time)
Free VG Character Drawings and Stuff

When I was a youngling I never really got in to drawing stuff because both of my other siblings were artists and I didn't wanna jump on that bandwagon. But now I've changed my mind. I have a lot of downtime at work and have been teaching myself to draw for the past few weeks. It passes the time.

I created an outline for drawing success. Here is what I will learn to draw. When I have mastered all of these I will be a true pokemon master.

1. hot chicks
2. Robots
3. Dinosaurs
4. werewolves
5. zombies
6. spider-man and other dudes.

Anyway, I need stuff to draw so I can keep gaining drawing levels. If you guys have an requests for video game character drawings I'd gladly give it a shot and post it here.

Here are a few of my works.

Give me things to draw.




L4D Witch

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