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mudkip5000 avatar 10:00 PM on 11.08.2008  (server time)
A Zombies Bite...

This is something that has bothered me and also made me very happy about any zombie game I've ever played...namely the Resident Evil series, but also including Dead Rising...and...maybe possibly house of the dead. Ok, not house of the dead...I don't think i was ever bitten by a zombie in house of the dead. I think I've only been hit with an axe or punched in house of the dead....the Bats bite though....and the Fishy Eels...and frogs...and monkeys...maybe the monkeys...

When I first got Resident Evil for the Playstation I know i got my shit bitten quite a few times. I'm running around the mansion as fuckin' hot Jill Valentine because fuck playing Chris. He doesnt start with a gun, and doesn't have a lock Pick, and has two fewer inventory spots. Really...why play Chris? Other than you get a different ending, I see no reason for playing through with him. I much prefer to play Jill...because if i'm running through a mansion full of zombies and evil birds and zombie dogs and hunters and spiders, I need to be well equiped....and its also nice to look at a hot chick running around. I mean, don't get me wrong, Chris Redfield is a badass, but seriously...Jill is where its at.

ANYWAY, heres my problem....Jill Valentine gets bitten by a zombie. Knocks her down to caution. use a green herb or health spray, back to normal....WHY is she NOT turning into a zombie? I can get bitten 100 times during the game and never turn into a zombie...meanwhile, Mr. Forest Speyer gets killed and turns into a zombie. It doesn't make sense. I live in a world where zombies bite you and you turn into a zombie. How is it that Jill, Chris, Leon, Claire, Rebecca, Billy, Carlos, and Frank never turn when bitten...but other NPC's do?
I mean, I got bitten by the snake in the attic and got poisoned and had to stumble away to get the antidote (which was convienently placed in a safe room...) but feel perfectly hip and jazzy from a zombie bite.


Now, this also makes me very happy. I don't think I'd like the Resident Evils as much as I do if every time I got bitten by a zombie, I'd hafta run all the way across the mansion or city to get a cure...or releoad from the last typewriter i saved at...

its one of those things I guess. Its unrealistic...but makes sense for gameplay...

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