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My name is Ben. I like video games and movies.
I try to make movies, too. You should watch some of them.
The links for the youtubes are here.
Airport Road productions
Church of the Holy Weirdo
My Deviant Art Page
My podcast "Weird Dispatches"
My podcast "Airport Road: The Podcast"

I have a cat named Anguirus.
He loves Spider-man.

I also enjoy comic books. probably more than i should.

My Favorite Games in no particular order.
Halo 1-3
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 2
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Final Fantasy VII
Earth Defense Force 2017
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Left 4 Dead
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When I was a youngling I never really got in to drawing stuff because both of my other siblings were artists and I didn't wanna jump on that bandwagon. But now I've changed my mind. I have a lot of downtime at work and have been teaching myself to draw for the past few weeks. It passes the time.

I created an outline for drawing success. Here is what I will learn to draw. When I have mastered all of these I will be a true pokemon master.

1. hot chicks
2. Robots
3. Dinosaurs
4. werewolves
5. zombies
6. spider-man and other dudes.

Anyway, I need stuff to draw so I can keep gaining drawing levels. If you guys have an requests for video game character drawings I'd gladly give it a shot and post it here.

Here are a few of my works.

Give me things to draw.




L4D Witch
Photo Photo Photo

Sup guys? Mxyzptlk and I have been working on some new video game related videos and we should be having some to post here soon. we got a new Halo one in the works.

and hopefully one for arkum asylum/cooking mama...

anyway, to pass the time, I put together a couple tutorials on how we make blood shoot out of people and how to make blood to use to shoot out of people. I'm posting them in case anyone wants to fgive it a shot sometime in their film/video thingy.

hope you enjoy.

Also, I've just played Halo: ODST for like 5 minutes and its awesome...but i think they may have dumbed down the carbine a little....that or I suck. I probably just suck. right on, till next time.


Dear Nintendo,

Make a Pokemon MMORPG. It would be amazing if you can do it correctly. I'm not talking about a shitty Pokemon game with "online trading potential." I'm talking about a HUGE MMO with zones, servers, PVP servers, guilds, an electronic economy, and quests. Like WOW. WOW with Pokemon.

You could have 3 different starting cities for all players. Each starting city has a Pokemon Professor who gives you your first pokemon (I.E. Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.) Players then run around the zones, leveling their pokemon, while catching new ones like Caterpies and Weedles and Marmadukes...cuzz they gotta catch em all. This is what all MMO's are all about. Constant leveling and grinding. And people would play the shit out of the game until they caught every single pokemon....and thats when you bring out the expansion packs with the NEW'd make billions.

The players would get their pokemon to high enough levels to fight Gym Leaders and eventually the Elite 6. And think of the PVP possibilites. There would be players fighting pokemons all over the place. And if you even worked in a way for players to Play Team Rocket....forget about it. its GOLD.

Oh...whats that? How do we handle the legendary pokemon? Like Mewtwo or Articuno or Cthulhu? Well, make it so only ONE person per server can have that pokemon at a time...and if they lose a goes to the winner. It would be CHAOS...SCREAMING BLOODY PVP CHAOS!

There are still a lot of details to work out....but could kill WOW with this idea. You could kill WOW and wear its entrails as a hat...that is...if you do it correctly.

Let me know what you think, Nintendo.
I am free to start working on this project right now.

P.S. To show I am a true fan...I've enclosed a picture of my Cubone collection.

So....i used to go to Otakon every year. Used to spend a lot of time watching all kinds of animes....until I learned that every anime is exactly the same as every other anime. Now i just do hard drugs!

Anyway, back in '04 I went to otakon is a giant 8 foot tall foam godzilla suit. it was really heavy and really hot and I almost died of heat stroke. But it was all good...cuzz bitches love godzilla. I remember storming into the 50 years of Godzilla panel and caused total pandemonium. took me close to an hour just to walk from one side of the convention center to the other because of people stopping me to take my picture.

so, late saturday night, I run into the "day of the tentacle" tentacle. I stare at him...and he stares at me....then we rumble. I dont recall why we fought...maybe it was jealousy....maybe it was giant monster lust...

Either way, it was a good old time. Later when we got back a friend cut the video together to some sonata artica song. Just now finally got around to uploading it to youtube. Hope you enjoy!

10:00 PM on 11.08.2008

This is something that has bothered me and also made me very happy about any zombie game I've ever played...namely the Resident Evil series, but also including Dead Rising...and...maybe possibly house of the dead. Ok, not house of the dead...I don't think i was ever bitten by a zombie in house of the dead. I think I've only been hit with an axe or punched in house of the dead....the Bats bite though....and the Fishy Eels...and frogs...and monkeys...maybe the monkeys...

When I first got Resident Evil for the Playstation I know i got my shit bitten quite a few times. I'm running around the mansion as fuckin' hot Jill Valentine because fuck playing Chris. He doesnt start with a gun, and doesn't have a lock Pick, and has two fewer inventory spots. Really...why play Chris? Other than you get a different ending, I see no reason for playing through with him. I much prefer to play Jill...because if i'm running through a mansion full of zombies and evil birds and zombie dogs and hunters and spiders, I need to be well equiped....and its also nice to look at a hot chick running around. I mean, don't get me wrong, Chris Redfield is a badass, but seriously...Jill is where its at.

ANYWAY, heres my problem....Jill Valentine gets bitten by a zombie. Knocks her down to caution. use a green herb or health spray, back to normal....WHY is she NOT turning into a zombie? I can get bitten 100 times during the game and never turn into a zombie...meanwhile, Mr. Forest Speyer gets killed and turns into a zombie. It doesn't make sense. I live in a world where zombies bite you and you turn into a zombie. How is it that Jill, Chris, Leon, Claire, Rebecca, Billy, Carlos, and Frank never turn when bitten...but other NPC's do?
I mean, I got bitten by the snake in the attic and got poisoned and had to stumble away to get the antidote (which was convienently placed in a safe room...) but feel perfectly hip and jazzy from a zombie bite.


Now, this also makes me very happy. I don't think I'd like the Resident Evils as much as I do if every time I got bitten by a zombie, I'd hafta run all the way across the mansion or city to get a cure...or releoad from the last typewriter i saved at...

its one of those things I guess. Its unrealistic...but makes sense for gameplay...

9:33 PM on 05.21.2008

So i've been on a crazy zombie kick since last night. Last night I watched my new DVD copy of Diary of the DEAD and thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of zombie slaying and zombie death and just overall great zombie fun. Really enjoyed. Suggest it to you all. Made me want to play Dead Rising all over again. Anyway, I was looking up stuff for the movie The Reanimator on youtube and what do I find?

Oh my god...the greatest thing ever. This song has been stuck in my dead for days.

Check it out, if you are a reanimator fan you wont be let down.

also, if you like reanimator, we did a reanimator fan film that I will now be pimping here...

Part two and three are linked on the youtube page.