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mteerie's blog

3:18 PM on 01.03.2008

Conan Rocks Out to Rock Band, 4 Realz

The O’Brien variety, not the Barbarian one. So “LATE NIGHT’S BACK!!!1” and with it are some strike beards, some striker-sanctioned hilarity, and a whole bunch of filler. Of the filler, we follow Conan as he lets us know what ...   read

9:15 AM on 11.19.2007

In-Depth Analysis of Team ICO Advert Hints to Next Game

Finding someone who doesn’t adore either of the Team ICO games is a hard-pressed endeavor, so any clues toward their next project are welcomed with open arms. One diligent forum poster by the name KS did what we all did whe...   read

12:53 AM on 11.12.2007

And the Yamanote Line Cblogs Seaman 2 Ticks Party Finally Slows Down

We've had a lot of laughs. Some people got it. Some people didn't. Some people did, used sarcasm, and then got crushed by the YLCS2TP anyway. Some got UR MR GAY hot flashes. Either way, the Dtoid fam came together. What does that mean? I don't know. I'm feeling a lot of emotions right now. I need some man ticks.   read

9:15 PM on 10.23.2007

Annie Get Your Gun, English Version Persona 3: FES Slowly Coming True

By slowly, I of course mean very quickly. Yesterday, I posted about the first evidence of the possible North American version of Persona 3: FES. Today, another English-speaking voice actor has done the same, posting Person...   read

12:36 AM on 10.22.2007

Persona 3: FES Coming to America in ’08, Sans Eddie Murphy?

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m still not finished with Persona 3. The game tends to pace like a racehorse and lasts like an innocent cold sore. When it came to the states, Japan already had their hands on it for ove...   read

1:03 PM on 10.10.2007

Portal: the Flash Version, Brain Pains in 2D

The Orange Box came out yesterday, so I hope most of you took a breather from your gloriously fun Halo 3 matches to pick up this little bundle of joy. Among the several games that fully justify the purcahse, you have Porta...   read

1:08 PM on 10.09.2007

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Black Scottish Cyclops: the Demoman

Today is Orange Box day. That’s it. Oh, and if you need some motivation or would like to hear well-spoken game peoples talk about a simply incredible game, the Gamer’s Quarter has a nice podcast talking about Half-Life 2’s insignificant annoyances and numerous triumphs.   read

4:24 PM on 09.28.2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Making My Heart Race, Heart Condition Unrelated

I have a few unhealthy cravings. Videogame-wise, there are three games that take priority in a King of the Hill game for my mind and pleasure centers. The Orange Box being one, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions be...   read

3:16 AM on 09.24.2007

Fumito Ueda Trivia! Scratch Your Chin and “Hmmm” With Satisfaction!

Everyone loves needless, forgettable tidbits of information. Tabloids, polls, FOX News, all testaments to humanity’s creepy desire to know who snacks on ice or which upstanding socialite enjoys vulgar scenes of canines and ...   read

1:48 AM on 09.23.2007

T-Shirt Empire, a Suda51 in Trouble

In the latest twenty-second clip promoting No More Heroes, Suda51’s displaying some nice merchandise, probably at profoundly appropriate prices! Also presented here, he’s sporting a nice INLAND EMPIRE tee. Suda51 loves the ...   read

9:40 PM on 09.22.2007

Dear Bumpy Trot 2, Sorry How We Treated Steambot Chronicles…

You got a resounding SEVEN from most reviewers who have the capacities of a fulcrum, yet I cherished you. Sure, you got a bit breezy, a bit pandering at times, and your Hayao Miyazaki-reminiscing soap opera story got a litt...   read

5:23 PM on 09.20.2007

Crystal Castles Last Night, Robot Rape Recovery Today

If robots had their own Marvin Gaye, it’d be Crystal Castles*. Nothing gets the circuits sparking and warping than the sex program of two robots with the regard of devil-may-care, teenage angst-filled high school students a...   read

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