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3:24 PM on 10.13.2010

What's going on?

My friend and I occasionally have discussions about the game industry. I really liked this one so thought I'd post it and see what others think.  We start with the PS3 and end up talking about the state of the Wii.

I hope you guys enjoy it and leave questions, opinions or comments below.

This conversation was through text so I did edit some grammar here and there but nothing to change the over all meaning.


Saw they started hacking the PS3s?

Yea man, I know Sony Probably freaking out…I haven’t even bought games for that. I think it kind of  sucks.


Hey it seems good but then once you have the system you see all of the differences between it and the 360. I mean you start to really see its flaws

( above I am refering to the online structure, and differences between multi-platform games)

And u were one of its biggest advocates lol

Yup ;-) same thing I said to u two years ago

I remember you saying how it was cool and sexy. Unfortunately, I think we all think this at first


12:47 AM on 05.13.2010

Prediction about Ps3 Move

Note: we always try new things even things that we are not good at. From now on I am going to stick to the good. I tried the whole blog thing, writing a blog about random thoughts that came threw but it did not work. Now I am here with a fresh new start and what I will be doing is what I am good at: Predictions. Yeah, like Pachter and all those other analysts that I do not always agree with. I have been a soothsayer before, I did happen to predict that the Wii was going to outsell the ps3 back in 2006, at the time all of my friends laughed at me and called me "gay" in about 20 different ways. Sadly they do not like to talk about how right I was. Any who....

My first prediction is on the ps Move. In all honesty it looks exactly like what Nintendo did with the Wii. in fact a little bit too much like it. My prediction on its success is that it will Fail. Why? because those who wanted to experience a new type of gaming bought the Wii when it was released. A person like me bought the Wii because 1) I am a Nintendo fan and 2) because it looked so cool. I have all three next gen consoles, which I bought for their strengths, but there is no way that I will buy Move to play the same type of games that the Wii already has. As for everyone else, why buy a more expensive system to play the same type of games that a more affordable system has? Please do not say HD visuals since I am pretty sure most of the population has no idea that you need new cables to get better picture quality (I know since I have had to inform so much of the general population)

So to summarize: The Move will fail. I'll definitely say "I told you so" when it is released.   read

1:52 PM on 02.22.2010

What Up Destructoid?

Hey to all. I am new here and Just wanted to say hello and that I really enjoy I have been visiting the site for about a year or so. I found out about it through g4 when ya did the whole birthday thing for Jessica Chobot. Ever since I have been visiting the site every single day. It is very cool and really feels like a community. Well here is to hoping I fit in.   read

10:54 AM on 02.22.2010

What I hate: Videogame Prices and More

Game prices. 49.99, 59.99, these are the norms for console games and of course the "oh' we want as most people to get it" price of 39.99 then you have the "please buy it" price of 29.99 then lastly the "who cares?" of 19.99

But honestly I do not mind paying 49.99 or 59.99 once in a while but as another blog said that is just a bit too often since the game industry releases "must play" video games every 7 days or so. With that said what i really hate is the fact that as gamers some of us feel that we must get games on the release date or at least a day later. I guess this is because the game industry moves at a lightning quick pace. especially since in 7 days the next hit will be coming out. also we can't forget the fact that a game is doomed at retail if it doesn't sell well after about 2 weeks since it is released. that is where my problem begins. After what feels like 2 weeks gaming prices get reduced. I believe it is so annoying to buy a game for its MSRP just to see it reduced after a few days. for example i remember buying house of the dead for wii on its release date for full price. i like a few others wanted to support hardcore games on the wii so i did so. then what happens? the price kept getting reduced that by the end of 2009 its cost was19.99 and even less at some places. now doesn't that just send the wrong message? it is sending out the message of don't buy it on release day since the price will go down anyway. but yet when no one buys it because they are sick of paying full price. we don't get a sequel to great games or support gets pulled from a system.

As a consumer the price reductions make us ask ourselves why are games sold for so much in the first place if a few months later companies could actually afford to reduce the price by almost half? video games are expensive but i can't help but notice that they might be about 10 to 15 dollars more expensive then they should be. i think that the problem with the video game industry is that they see every game as a big theatrical release instead, they should see games as a dvd or blu ray release. the video game industry and movie industry are often compared but it doesn't mean they should be doing things the same. when a movie gets released it has a certain time in theaters so that people could go see it but once people stop going to see it it gets a 2nd chance on home video. on the other hand the video game industry only gives its games one chance, which is at retail. if the game doesn't do good the price gets reduced and then the game is often times dead since advertising stops or was nonexistent then it goes forgotten until word of mouth spreads or something suddenly sparks interest. but it is too late. the game can't be found anywhere because it has been discontinued or something else. then no sequel, support gets pulled from the system and the market gets blamed. but if the game industry saw every game as a smaller release the game will always be available. Just imagine going into a Best Buy and the video game you want is always there. Or if not maybe like the home video releases it will be there but maybe in a new special edition or a re-released version or maybe as get more advanced in the industry a better version with improved graphics and alternative endings. Imagine that.

Until that happens though game prices should be reduced. if games cost about half or maybe even 10 to 15 dollars cheaper more people would buy and retailers would buy more. After all people do have a life and have other expenses, they also have many games to play. so the video game industry really needs to change its pricing, its release schedules and the way the market works.

First companies should reduce prices since this will have more people willing to try out and less people trading in games to afford the expensive newer ones. Retailers would buy more and thus more people will have the chance to buy, and retailers wouldn't be so quick to stop purchasing if the game doesn't do good after a few days. after sales slow down all the money made could be used for new advertisements in order to capture all those people that might have missed it at retail. If it doesn't sell then like any indie or unknown film it could still be found but in limited availability. companies

Then secondly not release so many videogames at one point. so far in 2010 we have Mass Effect 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, No More Heroes 2, Dante's Inferno, Darksiders (maybe even more must play titles) and its only the beginning of the year. I do not even want to think about the future releases like Final Fantasy, God of War 3, Super Street Fighter and whatever else the industry decides to drop. Since the industry moves so fast consumers forget or ignore games after a month or two since they got released. I do this because by the time i am about to get a new game the sequel or another great game has come out so I go for that one instead.

Thirdly once the game has a price leave it alone. Come on reducing prices every few weeks seems like the industry can't make up their mind. as a consumer you feel dumb for having caved in so early. if a few weeks could save you 20 dollars the general consumer would not bite the bullet so fast the next time around. it is one things for game systems to get reduced because after all the product does get cheaper to produce. but do not just think that a reduced priced automatically means a game will shoot to number 1 because if the audience isn't there there is not much you could do about it. sure there are times when prices must be reduced but this is why game prices should be different for different games with a limit set by the companies for example games on Wii can't cost more than 49.99 or something along those lines.

so coming from a person who has plopped down 50 dollars to see that he could have payed 30 dollars had he waited a month or 3 weeks. the price reductions really hurt. The video game industry is still in its infancy but its time to start making strides in the right direction and that is towards one with lower costs for both the makers and the consumers and more time in between releases so that the industry could grow. This is coming from a person who owns all three consoles and hasn't even gotten a chance to play Gears of War 2, Devil May Cry 4, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Braid and many more.   read

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