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mrplow8 avatar 7:09 PM on 03.21.2010  (server time)
What Exactly Is Jim Sterling Catching? Not 'Em All Apparently

As many of you have seen, Destructoid's Jim Sterling wrote a less than stellar article claiming that Ekans was the best Pokemon. One of his tweets read:

"Jim_Sterling: You will be pleased to know that my PokeWalker is carrying my Ekans around. I literally have a huge purple snake in my pocket, ladies."

Sterling wrote all over twitter about how great Ekans was; he is entitled to his opinion, however, even if those of us who don't suffer from a mild form of retardation know that Totodile is actually the best Pokemon. That opinion may have quite possibly been tainted, especially considering he never finished reviewing Ekans -and I have proof to show it. Please enjoy exhibit A below.

Now, not all Pokemon require you to touch yourself while looking at photos of them. But a Pokemon like Ekans which is based so heavily on its sexually suggestive shape simply cannot be reviewed unless you touch yourself. If you think that's bad, it doesn't end there, my friends. Upon further investigation, it seems that Mr. Sterling hasn't even completed any of the Pokemon games.

Had Mr. Sterling actually been bothered to complete any Pokemon game, he'd know that you do NOT need Ekans to get Arbok. It's possible to catch wild Arboks in Pokemon Red, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, AND even SoulSilver(the version Sterling claims to have played for his review).

Still don't believe me? Have a look for yourself.

I invite Jim Sterling to defend himself and the integrity of Ekans on the next Late Night With Jimmy Fallon(since I don't currently have my own show). Let's see if he shows.

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