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mrplow8 avatar 3:32 PM on 08.05.2010  (server time)
Top Several Reasons Why Sheep Man Should Be In MVC3

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is the long awaited sequel to 2009's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the Nintendo DS. Ever since the game was first announced at whatever event it was announced at, people have been speculating over which characters might or should be in the game. Speculating is fine, but it never really gets us anywhere. Instead of speculating, we should be pondering. Pondering gets results. Remember when Pinky and the Brain used to ponder about taking over the world, and they always succeeded? That's why I'm pondering that Sheep Man should be in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Sheep Man is one of Mega Man's oldest and most memorable adversaries; dating back to his debut appearance in Mega Man 10, released during the 8 bit era. Since then, Sheep Man has made classic appearences in several other games, such as his future appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 probably.

Sheep Man was originally created back in November of 1969 by Dave Thomas, who named the character after his daughter(who was named Sheep Man apparently). Sheep Man has all of the powers of a sheep. He can create and store static electricity that he can use as a weapon to destroy all who appose him, as sheeps are known to do. He also has all of the powers of a man. He can be lost for hours without ever asking for directions, and he always knows what football coaches should have done.

Remember that part in Mega Man 10 where Mega Man takes Sheep Man's power? I don't recall Sheep Man giving Mega Man permission to take his power. Sheep Man is so awesome that Mega Man, who is supposed to be a good guy, had to resort to stealing just so that he could be more like Sheep Man.

Sheep Man would be a fantastic playable character in MVC3; even more fantastic than the Fantastic 4, because you won't only go to see him because Jessica Alba's in it.

Sheep Man would be completely immune to Blanka's devastating victory quote where he calls his opponent lame for not having electric powers, since Sheep Man does have electric powers, and therefor isn't lame at all. Also, Sheep Man would like the Incredible Hulk when he's angry, because Sheep Man doesn't judge other people. Sheep Man accepts everyone for who they are. Even Mormons!

Sheep Man could go toe to toe with any other character in MVC3. Sheep Man is no sacrificial lamb. He's more like a sacrificial BAM to his opponent's face when he's punching it in. Sheep Man would turn Deadpool into a dead fool, he'd give Spider-Man a spider slam, and he'd do something to that wolf from Okami that rhymed with whatever its name is.

So I rest my case. At this point, I'm sure everyone agrees that Sheep Man belongs in MVC3. To think otherwise, you'd have to be some sort of crazy person, or one of those retards who believe in feng shui.

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