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Hi, pals. This is Mr. Plow.

This is a new reoccurring bit I'll be doing until I get bored of it(meaning this will probably be the last one) called Q&Aaay. The way it works is people, usually ones made up by me, send me questions(or 'Q's), and I respond with answers(or 'Aaay's).

Today's Q comes from Fakey Madeupstein.

Q: Is it normal for people over 30 to listen to cunts?

Aaay: No, that's weird... Kathie Lee Gifford.

If they're listening to cunts with their kids, that's different. I'm talking about the ones queefing out ridiculous nonsense on day time talk shows. At 30, you should have more on your mind than stupid cunts on TV who can go fuck themselves.

Wow, I can't believe I'm right about everything. I'm gonna go sing some song that has nothing to do with anything.

If you'd like your Q to be Aaay'd on the next Q&Aaay, please send it to ThisIsntARealThing@MadeUp.com. Or, if you'd like to ask directly, message @michaelpachter on Twitter and I'll get to as many as I can't.

Until next time, fellow scabies.

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