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mrplow8 avatar 1:12 PM on 07.26.2010  (server time)
Politicians Are Stalkers Who Hate Their Grandchildren NVGR

I just saw a 'Nathan Deal for Governor' commercial. Nathan Deal is some guy who's running for Governor of Georgia, apparently, which explains the commercial I saw. The commercial is just him sitting there with his two grandchildren, complaining to them about how the Democrats are ruining society.

He then tells the kids that he has to get elected Governor so that he can make everything right, to which one of the kids asks "But why, Papa?", as though he's just been told that Old Blue has to be put down. Nathan Deal then replies "Because, little Billy, I love the people of Georgia almost as much as you and your brother."

I understand that politicians are supposed to lie. If they weren't willing to lie, they'd be in the wrong profession. A politician who can't lie is like a singer who can't speak. But this isn't even a good lie. How could you possibly expect anyone to believe that you love the people of Georgia almost as much as your own grandchildren? I've met the people of Georgia, and they aren't that great. I haven't even met all of them, and I feel I can already reasonably assume that I wouldn't love most of them. Most of the people of Georgia who I do know are people who I barely even want to say hi to when I run into them at the grocery store, much less people I love. And I'm sure that the feeling is mutual. Most of the people of Georgia don't love me either, including most of the people who actually know me. That's just how it is. You aren't going to love most people, and most people aren't going to love you. That's why politicians have to lie in the first place.

I find it very hard to believe that anyone, let alone any politician, could possibly love an entire state's population of people. So the only way that Nathan Deal's statement could possibly be true would be if he hated his grandchildren. That's not so hard for me to believe. It would actually explain a lot if politicians hated their own families. Why else would they be so concerned with everyone else's families? It seems like someone who is happy with their own life wouldn't have a lot of time nor the desire to tell other people how to live theirs.

Also, why isn't anyone else creeped out by some guy, who we don't know, going on television to say that he loves us? Aren't politicians kind of like stalkers in that sense? They go on TV to tell us that they love us, they get other people to call us for them, they make signs and put them out on the side of the road hoping we'll drive by and see them, and they even send us letters in the mail; all so they can tell us "That guy you have now isn't any good for you. You should dump him for me. I'll make your life so much better."

Being a stalker is kind of like saying an offensive word. I can't say the 'N' word, because I'll be accused of being a racist. That's because that word is offensive to a particular group of people. But I can say the word 'stupid' all I want, even though that word is offensive to everyone, including the people who are offended by the 'N' word. So apparently it's okay for us to use offensive words, as long as they're words that could be used to offend everyone and not just a specific group of people.

That's sort of how stalking works. It's okay for politicians to stalk people as long as they're stalking everyone, but if someone wants to stalk just one person then it's considered creepy all of a sudden.

Well I don't think that it's okay to stalk anyone. And I won't vote for a stalker, especially not one who hates his own grandchildren almost as much as he hates the people of Georgia. So I won't be voting for Nathan Deal. In fact, I won't be voting at all. I think that voting is overrated. It seems like, in almost every election, I'm asked to pick the lesser of two evils. That's like always going to a horrible restaurant and ordering the least crappiest thing on the menu. If everyone does that, then the restaurant has no incentive to ever serve anything better. I'd rather wait for them to serve something better, instead of continuing to swallow the same crap that they insist on shoving down our throats.

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