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I have been playing Rachet and Clank and it is an excellent game in fact I wish I was playing it now instead of writing this. But I am writing to see if anyone else has seen this and possibly discuss this.

Once you get far enough in the game to get the Decrypter to hack locks like the old R&C games, you can go back to planet Mukow(the one with the arena) and there is a lock in the 1st area. The lock is a monster in itself I'm sure I am missing a technic and will come back to this later but this is where I notice this bug and curious if anyone else has seen it. It could just be a bad joke but anyways if you fail too many times on a decrypter puzzle it will ask you if you would like to use the Analog instead of Sixaxis controls. I thinking sure why not I can always go back hit the prompt for yes which is X and nothing happen prompt didn't leave the screen. I gave it a second cause I have a 60 Gig system and there are intimidant controller sync issues but it still didn't work, I could even click the Home button without issue but X would not clear the prompt but then I clicked O to continue using Sixaxis and it went though just fine.

So has anyone seen this or did I see a very unique bug or maybe in my sleep deprived state I imagined it.

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