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mrberns avatar 9:11 PM on 03.07.2008  (server time)
Not my Turning Point gaming rig

But Still A Turning Point

I obviously like free things, and because of that I will post a picture of my PC. But since this is also my first blog post. Ever. I guess I could talk about it and say what makes it so special.

For about five years my desk looked like this.

Before that it had some variant of that Apple product next to it. You see, I've been a Mac user since I was a small lad and had been very happy about it. I had many consoles over the years and was very satisfied with them. But something was missing.

I love shooters, and although there certainly aren't a shortage of them on consoles, I've never been a fan of trying to control a high powered rifle with chopsticks. So this Christmas I decided to research, talk to friends, and build my first PC. After about two weeks or waiting, and a long day of figuring out where everything goes, my desk looked like this.

With a Black Edition 3.2 Dual Core 6400 AMD
Superclocked 8800GT
2GB OCZ Platinum RAM
2x250GB Samsung Spinpoint HDs in RAID0
950 Watt Quad Rail Rosewill PSU

and other stuff, I'm very happy with my rig. Having a PC has opened me up to a lot of games and a whole new community that wasn't available before. I've finally been able to play HL2, Bioshock, System Shock, TF2, and tons of other great games that I couldn't before (I also never owned and Xbox)

I also experienced my first hardware failure (PSU went bad after a month) but over all have been very happy. I won't lie, I'll probably take anything I need from the rig then sell the rest if I get it, but I would like to think that because of that, maybe I am deserving of it, maybe Destructoid would be able to contribute to my first hardware upgrade ever. I have big plans for this rig, including some light Star Wars case modding, and would like to have Dtoid be a part of my brave new world. Wouldn't that be great?

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