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mrberns avatar 3:06 PM on 03.31.2008  (server time)
My Source of Joy

A Tale of Inescapable Luck

I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast, and no I'm not intercontinental when I eat French toast. But I do have some of the most amazing luck when it comes to my hobby. I believe I may have a little help, see if you can find evidence of it.

This is where I spend about half of my time enjoying life to the fullest. I spent two years researching my television, a 56 inch 1080p DLP, while I scrimped and saved. Two months after buying my tv I was sent an email saying that the place I had bought it from (name withheld) had received my return, and refunded me the price. Yes, thats right I got a $2000 TV for free, and that my friends was just the start.

A week later as I was looking to upgrade my audio, hesitating at the looming cost of the speakers I would be investing in I walked by a street sale and saw those beauties, a pair of very nice 150watt 3-way speakers. Exactly what I was looking for, at the low low price of $50, I snatched them up as soon as I saw them.

You may be wondering right now, how the hell did this happen? Why this schmuck? Well It starts here, with the lack of a Nintendo. I had one back in the day, and it was my prized possession. While I rarely played anything worthwhile besides Contra and SMB 3, it was still the one thing I held near and dear to me. But when my parents bought me that Genesis there for Christmas one year, I didn't hesitate to give my Nintendo to my younger cousin who had been asking for one. Similarly with my my first PSOne when I accidentally damaged my college roommate's Playstation I owned up, and gave him my middle school companion. Last weak While at Goodwill I found this one, one of the original runs with the RCA jacks that was posted about on here a while ago.

While in Japan on vacation I noticed an older French couple looking rather lost in Den Den town. I gave them some help looking for a game store, and a few minutes later found that Navy Blue DS for about 5,000 yen below average. Also I like my Super Famicom.

I have also been blessed with a very nice set of computers both at good values.

I also make sure not to buy games used, and rather than sell my old games back to retailers, I let my friends have the ones I don't want.

To reward me the universe has given me a friend who got a job at Insomniac who got me this copy of Ratchet signed by everyone at the company.

Pretty much what I'm saying is that good karma can go a long way for a gamer, and while we may not all be able to afford everything we want, maybe we can try to take care of each other and we won't have to worry about whether or not we'll be taken care of in turn.

Also, leprechauns help.

So, this was actually my setup a little over a year ago and its changed... a bit.

Recently upgraded my sound system with a new receiver and speakers, refurbished a broken down Dreamcast.

And did an NES emulator PC build which was one of the most fun and frustrating things I've done.

Also I've finally have a bit of room to stretch out with my computers.

Nothing as crazy as a new tv, but I like to think I've been able to step my gaming lifestyle up a bit over the last year, which has been pretty good to me. Keep on looking out for each other.

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