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mratomix's blog

8:30 PM on 06.04.2011

Post-grad life and how virtual worlds have changed my reality

Whattup peeps, it's me Will again, I haven't posted in a redonkulously long time, but I've been swamped with shiz and life (whoa is me!) it goes:) So I finally graduated college and ended up doing really well o...   read

7:27 PM on 04.29.2011

Destructoid vs. IGN

Hi yall, so I've been diligently (cough*cough*) writing my thesis and it's now due in a week. If anyone remembers, it's the one about virtual worlds and all that jazz and fun stuff. Sooo, long story short...advisor said she w...   read

11:37 PM on 04.18.2011

Reality in the virtual world

On the internet, in a game, in a virtual world, the driver (player, user, individual, ego, what ever you want to call it) is rendered incarnate in the pixels and code of a virtual body. People, with our complexities, our cult...   read

4:49 PM on 04.05.2011

To the Dtoid community: What does this site mean for you?

Hi all again, maybe some of you are getting annoyed with my seemingly incessant anthropological forays into the psyche of game worlds/cultures for my undegrad thesis, but, I assure you, WE MUST MARCH ONWARD TO VICTORY! Haha,...   read

12:24 PM on 04.05.2011

Thesistoid: In shambles!

Hi all, first of all, to those of you who have been wonderfully freaking awesome and have trudged through my steady progression of ADD-addled/half-baked thesis ideas, I thank you so much. You've given me great constructive cr...   read

1:58 PM on 04.04.2011

Thesistoid: The history and Importance of virtual worlds, pt.1

Hi! This is finally a coherent, working part I of my undergrad thesis on virtual worlds. Feel free to comment, troll, love, criticize and/or fap to this, it's awesome to get feedback:) (It's a working draft, but feel free to ...   read

1:20 AM on 04.03.2011

Historitoid(:P) - Does anyone remember the first gaming communities online?

Still writing this thesis and I'm running into a roadblock of information. Does anyone know what the first gaming communities that existed online were? When was the first MMO released, for example, or when was the first gaming blog started? It's hard to find information on this stuff, ironically, on the internet :( -will thanks!!   read

11:33 AM on 04.02.2011

Why WoW changed my life

This is part 1 of my series of blogs for my thesis on videogaming cyber cultures. Please comment, discuss, troll, I welcome it all! ďBesides, interesting things happen along border-transitions-not in the middle where everyt...   read

1:58 PM on 03.28.2011

Rebecca Black's epic earpornz: "Friday", the song of a generation

Okay, let's be honest with each other right out of the gate, Rebecca Black's heavily bashed single, "Friday", may be the best song ever made, or at least the most viscerally metaphoric capturing of a generation I have ever se...   read

9:42 PM on 03.21.2011

Who I want you to see Ė an introduction

Hi, Iím new here but this isnít my first post on the site. Iím not a very experienced ďbloggerĒ per se, but Iíve written countless words on forums, pages, myspaces and walls over the years. Iím not really sure how I got here,...   read

2:00 PM on 03.21.2011

Returning to the Bunny Planet - an escape from gaming

When I was a little kid, my parents gave me a little cardboard sleeve that had three tiny, indelibly cute books in it, with the set being called "Voyage to the Bunny Planet". Maybe some of you remember it. Well, as a kid, whe...   read

6:04 PM on 03.16.2011

The message matters, little else

I had typed up a huge diatribe, but forgot to save it and my I was logged out, but I endure and endeavor to try again, this time I'm going to be more straight to the point and less ragey. Oblivion had some of the worst char...   read

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