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mrandydixon avatar 4:06 PM on 08.09.2010  (server time)
CONTEST UPDATE! And the winners of the vintage videogame posters are...

Three men enter. Three men leave... WITH FREE POSTERS!

Thursday night, three minutes before the deadline expired, I finally* received enough submissions to draw one name for each of the three posters I pledged to give away in the name of love, boners, and cblog interviews. The contest was about as boring, drawn-out and uneventful as you might imagine if you've paid attention to any of the ones I've hosted in the past, but finally, without further procrastination, I'm ready to unveil the winners! (With the help of my faithful sidekick, of course.)

*Corduroy Turtle, yours didn't count because ANSWERS.

I started by writing each contestant's name on a piece of super tiny paper using a super tiny pen (because seriously my hand COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE THAT FAT IN REAL LIFE):

I then wadded each of them up into a ball (one... two... three balls, just like me!):

Then, for my own entertainment, I juggled them for a few minutes...

(picture missing)

...before dropping them in front of missalicedixon:

As you can see, she's super excited to be included (and really entranced by that one on the left).

At this point, I pretty much just waited for her to make her move. After a few minutes of staring at me (and drooling all over the bed) she inched ever-so-slightly to her right...

...and then reached out and made her first choice:

Ladies and gentlemen, our first winner (and first in line to choose his favorite poster) is...

...Winged Kraby!

Hot off the heels of her first choice, missalicedixon -- obviously enjoying the attention she's normally so starved for -- immediately pushed her right arm forward again... unveil the second winner as...


Eager to please, missalicedixon wasted zero time swatting at the last remaining contestant...


WOW! What a contest!

To claim your prize, please leave your preference in the comments below and PM me your address. Remember, Winged Kraby goes first, then SteezyXL, and finally Enkido (and here are your choices if you've forgotten).

Thanks for playing!

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